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1.Kaskade         > 20x
2.Wolfgang Gartner         19.8x
3.Markus Schulz         18.8x
4.Ferry Corsten         17.1x
5.Tiësto         13.4x
6.Armin van Buuren         13.3x
7.Paul van Dyk         11.2x
8.Nero         9.0x
9.Deadmau5         8.9x
10.Above & Beyond         8.1x
11.Swedish House Mafia         7.5x
12.Paul Oakenfold         7.1x
13.Daft Punk         6.3x
14.The Prodigy         4.4x
15.Pendulum         3.0x
16.The Chemical Brothers         2.8x
17.Justice         2.7x
18.Pearl Jam         2.0x
19.Bassnectar         1.7x
20.Michael Jackson         < 1.5x
Eric Sheridan Prydz (/ˈprɪdz/; born July 19, 1976), also known as Pryda /ˈpraɪdæ/ is a Swedish DJ and producer based in Los Angeles, California. In October 2012, DJ Magazine announced the results of their annual Top 100 DJ Poll, where Prydz placed at #52. more