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Eric Dolphy

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1.Ornette Coleman         > 20x
2.Art Blakey         > 20x
3.Sun Ra         > 20x
4.Sonny Rollins         > 20x
5.Charlie Parker         > 20x
6.Charles Mingus         > 20x
7.Thelonious Monk         > 20x
8.Dizzy Gillespie         > 20x
9.Cannonball Adderley         > 20x
10.John Coltrane         19.0x
11.Bill Evans         18.2x
12.Count Basie         17.6x
13.Wes Montgomery         16.3x
14.Son House         16.2x
15.Parliament         13.2x
16.Chick Corea         12.4x
17.Ol' Dirty Bastard         11.7x
18.Herbie Hancock         11.4x
19.Funkadelic         11.3x
20.Oscar Peterson         10.9x
21.Parliament-Funkadelic   10.8x
22.Lead Belly         10.7x
23.Fela Kuti         10.1x
24.Miles Davis         10.0x
25.Sly and the Family Stone         9.8x
26.Howlin' Wolf         9.1x
27.Dave Brubeck         9.0x
28.Jaco Pastorius         9.0x
29.Robert Johnson         8.8x
30.John Cale         8.7x
31.Captain Beefheart         8.6x
32.Louis Armstrong         8.4x
33.Rza         8.2x
34.The Meters         7.8x
35.John Lee Hooker         7.8x
36.Muddy Waters         7.6x
37.Django Reinhardt         7.6x
38.Weather Report         7.5x
39.Ray Charles         7.5x
40.George Gershwin         7.4x
41.Billie Holiday         7.2x
42.Ella Fitzgerald         7.0x
43.Marvin Gaye         6.9x
44.James Brown         6.8x
45.Stan Getz         6.8x
46.Frank Zappa         6.8x
47.Nina Simone         6.2x
48.Curtis Mayfield         6.0x
49.Otis Redding         6.0x
50.Sam Cooke         5.9x
51.Elvis Costello         5.4x
52.Brian Eno         5.1x
53.Fugazi         5.0x
54.George Clinton         5.0x
55.The Band         4.9x
56.Hank Williams         4.9x
57.Stevie Wonder         4.7x
58.Neil Young         4.5x
59.Townes Van Zandt         4.4x
60.Paul Simon         4.4x
61.The Velvet Underground         4.3x
62.Steely Dan         4.2x
63.John Zorn         4.2x
64.Syd Barrett   4.1x
65.Joni Mitchell         4.0x
66.Jimi Hendrix         3.9x
67.B.B. King         3.8x
68.Talking Heads         3.6x
69.Gza         3.5x
70.Tom Waits         3.5x
71.Buddy Guy         3.4x
72.Lou Reed         3.4x
73.The Byrds         3.4x
74.Etta James         3.3x
75.Wu-Tang Clan         3.3x
76.David Byrne         3.3x
77.John Lennon         3.3x
78.Van Morrison         3.3x
79.Al Green         3.2x
80.George Harrison         3.2x
81.King Crimson         3.2x
82.Keith Jarrett         3.1x
83.Cole Porter         3.1x
84.Nick Drake         2.9x
85.Lucinda Williams         2.9x
86.Johnny Cash         2.8x
87.Gang Starr         2.8x
88.Prince         2.7x
89.Creedence Clearwater Revival         2.7x
90.The Allman Brothers Band         2.7x
91.Sarah Vaughan         2.6x
92.Gustav Mahler         2.6x
93.Woody Guthrie         2.6x
94.Benny Goodman         2.6x
95.Derek and the Dominos         2.5x
96.Leonard Cohen         2.5x
97.Chuck Berry         2.5x
98.The Who         2.5x
99.The Stooges         2.4x
100.Janis Joplin         2.4x
101.Grateful Dead         2.4x
102.David Bowie         2.3x
103.Joy Division         2.3x
104.MF Doom         2.2x
105.Bob Dylan         2.2x
106.Public Enemy         2.2x
107.Cream         2.2x
108.Minutemen         2.1x
109.T. Rex         2.1x
110.Buzzcocks         2.1x
111.Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young         2.1x
112.Can         2.0x
113.Aretha Franklin         2.0x
114.Bob Marley         2.0x
115.Jerry Lee Lewis         2.0x
116.The Rolling Stones         2.0x
117.Nat King Cole         1.9x
118.Gang of Four         1.9x
119.Willie Nelson         1.8x
120.Patti Smith         1.8x
121.Earth, Wind & Fire         1.7x
122.Led Zeppelin         1.7x
123.Outkast         1.7x
124.De La Soul         1.7x
125.Pixies         1.7x
126.Jeff Buckley         1.7x
127.Swans         1.6x
128.Antônio Carlos Jobim         1.6x
129.A Tribe Called Quest         1.6x
130.The Beatles         1.6x
131.Simon & Garfunkel         1.5x
132.Grizzly Bear         1.5x
133.Antonio Vivaldi         1.5x
134.The Smiths         1.5x
135.Ghostface Killah         1.5x
136.Godspeed You! Black Emperor         < 1.5x
137.Iggy Pop         < 1.5x
138.Peter Gabriel         < 1.5x
139.Stevie Ray Vaughan         < 1.5x
140.Elvis Presley         < 1.5x
141.Yo La Tengo         < 1.5x
142.The Flaming Lips         < 1.5x
143.Roy Orbison         < 1.5x
144.Santana         < 1.5x
145.Stereolab         < 1.5x
Eric Allan Dolphy, Jr. (June 20, 1928 – June 29, 1964) was an American jazz alto saxophonist, flautist, and bass clarinetist. On a few occasions, he also played the clarinet, piccolo, and baritone saxophone. Dolphy was one of several multi-instrumentalists to gain prominence in the 1960s. He was also the first important bass clarinet soloist in jazz, and among the earliest significant flute soloists. His improvisational style was characterized by the use of wide intervals, in addition to using an array of extended techniques to reproduce human- and animal-like effects which... more