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1.the Saddest Landscape         > 20x
2.Pg. 99         > 20x
3.Converge         18.6x
4.Circle Takes the Square   15.2x
5.Ceremony         12.3x
6.Botch         4.4x
7.Minor Threat         3.7x
8.Neurosis         1.9x
9.Every Time I Die         1.8x
10.Sigur Rós         1.7x
Envy is a rock band formed in Tokyo in 1992. They are signed to Rock Action Records in Europe and Temporary Residence Limited in North America, though originally they worked with Level Plane Records. Initially influential in the post-hardcore scene, Envy more recently in their career has grown to include elements of post-rock. Vocalist Tetsuya Fukagawa was featured on the song "I Chose Horses" from the album Mr. Beast by Scottish post-rock band Mogwai, the same band that owns and operates Rock Action Records. more