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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Enslaved         > 20x
2.Decapitated         > 20x
3.Darkthrone         > 20x
4.Necrophagist         > 20x
5.Immortal         > 20x
6.Death         > 20x
7.Bathory         > 20x
8.Dark Funeral         > 20x
9.Deathspell Omega         > 20x
10.Nile         > 20x
11.Cynic         > 20x
12.Mayhem         > 20x
13.Dissection         > 20x
14.Behemoth         > 20x
15.Burzum         > 20x
16.Morbid Angel         > 20x
17.Suffocation         > 20x
18.Katatonia         > 20x
19.Obituary         > 20x
20.Carcass         > 20x
21.Agalloch         > 20x
22.Borknagar         > 20x
23.Gorgoroth         > 20x
24.Arcturus         > 20x
25.Celtic Frost         > 20x
26.Marduk         > 20x
27.Wolves in the Throne Room         > 20x
28.Electric Wizard         19.8x
29.Beherit         19.3x
30.At the Gates         19.2x
31.Napalm Death         17.3x
32.Deicide         17.1x
33.Ulver         16.9x
34.Old Man's Child   16.8x
35.Belphegor         16.0x
36.Devin Townsend         15.6x
37.Candlemass         14.7x
38.Eyehategod         14.6x
39.1349         14.4x
40.Entombed         14.4x
41.Watain         13.6x
42.Windir         13.4x
43.Dying Fetus         13.1x
44.Neurosis         12.9x
45.Nevermore         12.8x
46.Amorphis         12.8x
47.Bloodbath         11.8x
48.My Dying Bride         11.3x
49.Hypocrisy         10.2x
50.Eluveitie         9.9x
51.Opeth         9.5x
52.Cannibal Corpse         9.4x
53.Wintersun         9.2x
54.Mercyful Fate         9.2x
55.Amon Amarth         9.0x
56.Anathema         8.8x
57.Gojira         8.3x
58.Vader         8.0x
59.King Diamond         8.0x
60.Meshuggah         8.0x
61.Ensiferum         8.0x
62.Alcest         7.9x
63.Carpathian Forest     7.4x
64.Dimmu Borgir         7.3x
65.Venom         7.1x
66.Mastodon         7.1x
67.Slayer         6.8x
68.Drudkh         6.7x
69.Iced Earth         6.5x
70.Sepultura         6.3x
71.Kalmah         6.2x
72.Satyricon         5.9x
73.Testament         5.9x
74.Strapping Young Lad         5.8x
75.Dio         4.8x
76.Scar Symmetry         4.7x
77.Dark Tranquillity         4.6x
78.Mike Patton         4.5x
79.Dream Theater         4.5x
80.Iron Maiden         4.5x
81.Boris         4.4x
82.Pantera         4.3x
83.Therion         4.3x
84.Type O Negative         4.0x
85.Symphony X         3.9x
86.Primordial         3.8x
87.Blind Guardian         3.8x
88.Judas Priest         3.8x
89.Soilwork         3.7x
90.Blut Aus Nord         3.4x
91.Dead Kennedys         3.4x
92.Moonsorrow         3.4x
93.Misfits         3.1x
94.Kamelot         3.0x
95.Kreator         3.0x
96.Demons and Wizards         3.0x
97.Fear Factory         3.0x
98.Godflesh         2.9x
99.Finntroll         2.9x
100.DevilDriver         2.9x
101.In Flames         2.7x
102.Black Sabbath         2.7x
103.The Faceless         2.7x
104.Sleep         2.5x
105.Between the Buried and Me         2.5x
106.Zyklon         2.4x
107.Ayreon         2.3x
108.Exodus         2.3x
109.Helloween         2.3x
110.Summoning         2.3x
111.Down         2.3x
112.Arch Enemy         2.2x
113.Anthrax         2.2x
114.Voivod         2.2x
115.Rammstein         2.1x
116.Naglfar         2.0x
117.Vintersorg         1.9x
118.Megadeth         1.9x
119.Motörhead         1.8x
120.Dethklok         1.8x
121.Swallow the Sun         1.8x
122.Skinny Puppy         1.8x
123.Aphex Twin         1.7x
124.Faith No More         1.7x
125.Cryptopsy         1.6x
126.KMFDM         1.6x
127.Cradle of Filth         1.6x
128.Lamb of God         1.5x
129.Black Flag         1.5x
130.Pink Floyd       1.5x
131.Alice in Chains         1.5x
132.Ministry         < 1.5x
133.Animals as Leaders         < 1.5x
134.King Crimson         < 1.5x
135.Tool         < 1.5x
136.Epica         < 1.5x
Emperor is a Norwegian black metal band formed in 1991, regarded as highly influential by critics and emerging black metal bands. They dissolved in 2001, but reunited from 2005 to 2007 for a few festival dates and brief US tours and will once again be reuniting in 2014. The group was founded by Samoth (drums) and Ihsahn (guitar/vocals). more