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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Isles & Glaciers         > 20x
2.Jonny Craig         > 20x
3.Dance Gavin Dance         > 20x
4.Pierce the Veil         > 20x
5.A Skylit Drive         > 20x
6.Asking Alexandria         > 20x
7.Alesana         > 20x
8.Blessthefall         > 20x
9.Chiodos         > 20x
10.Scary Kids Scaring Kids         > 20x
11.Bring Me the Horizon         > 20x
12.August Burns Red         > 20x
13.We Came as Romans         > 20x
14.Circa Survive         19.6x
15.Parkway Drive         19.2x
16.Mayday Parade         16.3x
17.Miss May I         15.6x
18.City and Colour         15.3x
19.Alexisonfire         15.1x
20.Escape the Fate         14.1x
21.The Devil Wears Prada         14.0x
22.Brand New         13.4x
23.Copeland         12.1x
24.Sleeping with Sirens         12.1x
25.The Fall of Troy         10.3x
26.Haste the Day         10.2x
27.Head Automatica         10.0x
28.Silverstein         9.0x
29.Attack Attack!         8.3x
30.Suicide Silence         8.0x
31.Thursday         7.5x
32.Emery         7.4x
33.As I Lay Dying         7.0x
34.Every Time I Die         6.8x
35.Saosin         6.5x
36.Rise Against         6.4x
37.Underoath         6.2x
38.Say Anything         5.6x
39.A Day to Remember         5.5x
40.Taking Back Sunday         4.7x
41.Senses Fail         3.9x
42.Motion City Soundtrack         3.5x
43.Minus the Bear         3.4x
44.Bayside         3.1x
45.Bullet for My Valentine         3.0x
46.The Used         2.9x
47.30 Seconds to Mars         2.9x
48.MewithoutYou         2.9x
49.From First to Last         2.8x
50.Glassjaw         2.7x
51.Flyleaf         2.5x
52.The Mars Volta         2.3x
53.Rusko         2.3x
54.Blink-182         2.3x
55.Deftones         2.1x
56.Panic! at the Disco         1.7x
57.Passion Pit         1.7x
58.The Spill Canvas         1.6x
59.Fall Out Boy         1.6x
60.All Time Low         1.5x
61.Imogen Heap         1.5x
62.Atreyu         < 1.5x
63.Sigur Rós         < 1.5x
64.Thrice         < 1.5x
Emarosa (/ɛməˈroʊsə/ EM-ə-ROH-sə) is an American post-hardcore band from Lexington, Kentucky. Formed in 2006, they released one EP in 2007 titled This Is Your Way Out, and shortly after, the group underwent significant lineup and sound changes, dropping their heavy metal influence and leaning toward a soul inspiration. The band went on to release Relativity, which features their most recent vocalist Jonny Craig and new guitarist Jonas Ladekjaer. Their eponymous second album was released on June 29, 2010 meeting their highest critical acclaim... more