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1.Eyehategod         > 20x
2.High on Fire         > 20x
3.Yob         > 20x
4.Cathedral         > 20x
5.Neurosis         > 20x
6.Boris         > 20x
7.Pentagram         > 20x
8.Sleep         > 20x
9.Kylesa         > 20x
10.Om         > 20x
11.Kyuss         > 20x
12.Death         > 20x
13.Baroness         > 20x
14.Bathory         > 20x
15.Torche         19.0x
16.Earth         17.1x
17.The Sword         16.1x
18.Clutch         16.0x
19.Carcass         14.8x
20.Voivod         14.7x
21.Darkthrone         14.4x
22.Candlemass         14.2x
23.Emperor         13.5x
24.Suffocation         13.5x
25.Sunn O)))         13.2x
26.Melvins         13.2x
27.Crowbar         12.6x
28.Burzum         12.0x
29.Venom         10.6x
30.Mastodon         9.9x
31.Entombed         9.4x
32.Jesu         9.3x
33.Mike Patton         9.0x
34.Mercyful Fate         8.9x
35.Morbid Angel         8.9x
36.Agalloch         8.9x
37.Obituary         8.4x
38.Mayhem         8.3x
39.Saint Vitus         8.3x
40.Celtic Frost         7.6x
41.Converge         7.4x
42.Nile         7.4x
43.Napalm Death         7.1x
44.Wolves in the Throne Room         6.5x
45.Dissection         6.4x
46.Deicide         6.2x
47.Down         5.8x
48.Ulver         5.4x
49.Necrophagist         5.2x
50.Enslaved         5.2x
51.Corrosion of Conformity         5.2x
52.At the Gates         5.2x
53.Godflesh         5.1x
54.Windir         4.8x
55.Fantômas         4.7x
56.Black Sabbath         4.7x
57.Pelican         4.3x
58.Meshuggah         4.3x
59.Cult of Luna         4.2x
60.Slayer         4.2x
61.Immortal         4.2x
62.Bolt Thrower         4.1x
63.Sodom         4.0x
64.Howlin' Wolf         4.0x
65.Dio         4.0x
66.Testament         4.0x
67.Misfits         3.9x
68.Swans         3.9x
69.Motörhead         3.8x
70.Tomahawk         3.8x
71.Thin Lizzy         3.7x
72.Wu-Tang Clan         3.7x
73.13th Floor Elevators         3.7x
74.Drudkh         3.6x
75.Dying Fetus         3.5x
76.The Stooges         3.5x
77.Isis         3.2x
78.Xasthur         3.2x
79.Cannibal Corpse         3.2x
80.Iron Maiden         3.0x
81.Faith No More         3.0x
82.Kreator         2.9x
83.Bad Brains         2.9x
84.Gorgoroth         2.8x
85.Mr. Bungle         2.8x
86.Tom Waits         2.8x
87.Black Flag         2.8x
88.Monster Magnet         2.8x
89.Behemoth         2.7x
90.T. Rex         2.6x
91.The Cramps         2.6x
92.Dinosaur Jr.         2.6x
93.Mogwai         2.6x
94.Judas Priest         2.5x
95.Fugazi         2.4x
96.Brian Eno         2.4x
97.Sepultura         2.3x
98.Joy Division         2.2x
99.Exodus         2.2x
100.Funkadelic         2.2x
101.Nick Cave         2.1x
102.Minutemen         2.1x
103.Skeletonwitch         2.1x
104.The Velvet Underground         2.0x
105.Destruction         2.0x
106.Wire         2.0x
107.Alcest         1.9x
108.Portishead         1.9x
109.Danzig         1.9x
110.Neil Young         1.9x
111.The Dead Boys         1.8x
112.Devin Townsend         1.8x
113.Explosions in the Sky         1.7x
114.Aphex Twin         1.7x
115.Goatwhore         1.7x
116.Godspeed You! Black Emperor         1.7x
117.DJ Shadow         1.7x
118.Primus         1.6x
119.Discharge         1.6x
120.Dead Kennedys         1.5x
121.Minor Threat         1.5x
122.James Brown         1.5x
123.Pantera         1.5x
124.Opeth         < 1.5x
125.Botch         < 1.5x
126.Ministry         < 1.5x
127.Led Zeppelin         < 1.5x
128.Sonic Youth         < 1.5x
129.Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds         < 1.5x
130.King Crimson         < 1.5x
131.Gang of Four         < 1.5x
Electric Wizard are a doom metal band from Dorset, England. The band formed in 1993 and have recorded seven albums, two of which are now considered to be genre landmarks: Come My Fanatics... and Dopethrone. Electric Wizard's brand of doom metal incorporates stoner and sludge traits, with lyrics focusing on the occult, witchcraft, H.P. Lovecraft, horror films and marijuana. more