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E Nomine

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1.Neuroticfish         > 20x
2.Assemblage 23         11.4x
3.VNV Nation         9.2x
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5.Emilie Autumn         6.2x
6.Wumpscut:         5.7x
7.Epica         5.3x
8.Loreena McKennitt         4.3x
9.Within Temptation         4.1x
10.Project Pitchfork         4.0x
11.Nightwish         4.0x
12.KMFDM         4.0x
13.Iced Earth         3.5x
14.Rammstein         2.9x
15.The Sisters of Mercy         2.8x
16.Covenant         2.7x
17.Enya         2.4x
18.Apocalyptica         2.0x
19.The Birthday Massacre         1.9x
20.Amon Amarth         1.9x
21.Alice Cooper         1.7x
22.Daft Punk         1.7x
23.The Cranberries         1.6x
24.Combichrist         1.5x
25.The Black Mages     < 1.5x
26.Blind Guardian         < 1.5x
E Nomine (from the Latin In Nomine, "In The Name Of") is a German musical project, formed in 1999, by producers Christian Weller and Friedrich "Fritz" Graner. Their music, which they call monumental dance, is an unusual combination of trance, techno, and vocals which closely resemble Gregorian singing and chanting. Other vocals are performed by German voice actors such as long-time collaborators Christian Brückner and Rolf Schult. The primary languages in the songs are German and Latin. After several years with no news of the project, e-mail correspondence between a... more