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Drew Carey

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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers         > 20x
2.Eagles         13.1x
3.Boston         11.0x
4.The Supremes         7.9x
5.Roy Orbison         7.1x
6.The Who         6.1x
7.Johnny Cash         5.7x
8.George Harrison         5.0x
9.Tom Petty         4.5x
10.Paul McCartney         4.0x
11.Pink Floyd       3.7x
12.Queen         3.5x
13.Eric Clapton         3.2x
14.Creedence Clearwater Revival         2.8x
15.Simon & Garfunkel         2.8x
16.Jimi Hendrix         2.4x
17.AC/DC         2.1x
18.The Doors       2.1x
19.The Rolling Stones         2.0x
20.Green Day         1.9x
21.Led Zeppelin         1.8x
22.Adele         1.7x
23.Bob Dylan         < 1.5x
Drew Allison Carey (born May 23, 1958) is an American actor, comedian, sports executive, and game show host. After serving in the U.S. Marine Corps and making a name for himself in stand-up comedy, Carey eventually gained popularity starring on his own sitcom, The Drew Carey Show, and serving as host of the U.S. version of the improv comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, both of which aired on ABC. Carey has appeared in several films, television series, music videos, a made-for-television film, and a computer game. He has hosted the television game show The... more