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Dr. Dog

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1.Delta Spirit         11.0x
2.Deer Tick         10.1x
3.Fleet Foxes         6.2x
4.The Tallest Man on Earth         6.0x
5.Of Montreal         5.3x
6.Tapes 'n Tapes         5.2x
7.Spoon         5.0x
8.The Avett Brothers         4.9x
9.The New Pornographers         4.5x
10.I Monster         4.3x
11.Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros         4.2x
12.Animal Collective         4.2x
13.The Shins         4.1x
14.The Black Keys         4.1x
15.Phantogram         3.9x
16.Grizzly Bear         3.9x
17.Wilco         3.8x
18.Andrew Bird         3.8x
19.M. Ward         3.7x
20.Deerhunter         3.6x
21.The Dodos         3.6x
22.Bon Iver         3.5x
23.Beach House         3.4x
24.The Flaming Lips         3.3x
25.The Walkmen         3.3x
26.The Hold Steady         3.2x
27.Miike Snow         3.2x
28.Bright Eyes         3.2x
29.Belle & Sebastian         3.1x
30.Neutral Milk Hotel         3.0x
31.St. Vincent         3.0x
32.Arcade Fire         2.9x
33.The Strokes         2.9x
34.The Zombies         2.9x
35.TV on the Radio         2.9x
36.The National         2.8x
37.The Apples in Stereo         2.8x
38.LCD Soundsystem         2.8x
39.Yeasayer         2.8x
40.Washed Out         2.8x
41.The Kinks         2.7x
42.The Mountain Goats         2.7x
43.The Beach Boys         2.7x
44.Elliott Smith         2.6x
45.Sufjan Stevens         2.6x
46.Tame Impala         2.6x
47.Otis Redding         2.4x
48.Jenny Lewis         2.4x
49.Local Natives         2.4x
50.Nick Drake         2.4x
51.The Band         2.3x
52.The Decemberists         2.3x
53.Daniel Johnston         2.3x
54.Dirty Projectors         2.2x
55.Beirut         2.1x
56.The Beatles         2.0x
57.Band of Horses         1.9x
58.Iron & Wine         1.8x
59.Hot Chip         1.8x
60.Broken Social Scene         1.8x
61.Okkervil River         1.8x
62.Phoenix         1.7x
63.Radiohead         1.7x
64.Clap Your Hands Say Yeah         1.6x
65.Modest Mouse         1.5x
66.Pavement         1.5x
67.Eels         1.5x
68.The Velvet Underground         1.5x
69.The White Stripes         1.5x
70.The Magnetic Fields         < 1.5x
71.Two Door Cinema Club         < 1.5x
72.Neil Young         < 1.5x
73.Devendra Banhart         < 1.5x
74.The Rolling Stones         < 1.5x
75.Yeah Yeah Yeahs         < 1.5x
76.Rilo Kiley         < 1.5x
77.Sigur Rós         < 1.5x
78.Interpol         < 1.5x
79.M83         < 1.5x
80.Santigold         < 1.5x
81.Madlib         < 1.5x
Dr. Dog is a rock band from West Grove, Pennsylvania. Its lineup consists of Toby Leaman (bass guitar), Scott McMicken (lead guitar), Frank McElroy (rhythm guitar), Zach Miller (keyboard), and Eric Slick (drums). Lead vocal duties are shared between Leaman and McMicken, with all members contributing harmonies. In addition, each band member has a nickname beginning with the letter T, and they have explained that friends of the band also receive nicknames, which are drawn from aspects of their lives and personalities (Former member Andrew "Trial" Jones, for example, is a licensed... more