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18.New Order         4.1x
19.Ramones         3.3x
20.Joy Division         3.1x
21.The Smiths         2.7x
22.Tom Waits         2.5x
23.Pixies         2.3x
Dolly Mixture were a British post-punk/New Wave band formed in 1978 by bassist and vocalist Debsey Wykes (b. 21 December 1960, Hammersmith, London, England), guitarist and vocalist Rachel Bor (b. 16 May 1963, Wales), and drummer Hester Smith (b. 28 October 1960, West Africa). They had a taste of Top 40 success performing backing vocals for the Captain Sensible's hit "Wot" and a UK No. 1 hit backing Sensible on his 1982 cover of "Happy Talk". Rachel Bor also featured on the Animus/Loose Records single "Wot NO Meat? also by Captain Sensible in 1985 A group with the same... more