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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.múm         > 20x
2.The Postal Service         9.3x
3.Zero 7         7.4x
4.M83         6.9x
5.Sufjan Stevens         4.7x
6.Broadcast         4.3x
7.Sigur Rós         4.0x
8.Thievery Corporation         3.8x
9.Modest Mouse         3.5x
10.Death Cab for Cutie         3.5x
11.Regina Spektor         3.1x
12.Björk         3.1x
13.The Flaming Lips         3.0x
14.Sleigh Bells         3.0x
15.Mogwai         2.9x
16.Boards of Canada         2.6x
17.Aphex Twin         2.6x
18.Yeah Yeah Yeahs         2.6x
19.Hot Chip         2.6x
20.Andrew Bird         2.5x
21.Nick Drake         2.3x
22.Portishead         2.2x
23.Fiona Apple         2.0x
24.Sneaker Pimps         1.9x
25.Belle & Sebastian         1.9x
26.Tricky         1.8x
27.Crystal Castles         1.8x
28.Architecture in Helsinki         1.7x
29.Wolf Parade         1.7x
30.Billie Holiday         1.7x
31.Passion Pit         1.7x
32.Bat for Lashes         1.6x
33.Daft Punk         1.6x
34.Elliott Smith         1.5x
35.Thom Yorke         1.5x
36.St. Vincent         < 1.5x
37.Air         < 1.5x
38.Iron & Wine         < 1.5x
39.Girl Talk         < 1.5x
40.Massive Attack         < 1.5x
James Scott "Jimmy" Tamborello, more commonly known as Dntel /ˈdɪntɛl/, is an electronic music artist. He is sometimes cited as James Figurine, the co-programmer and vocalist for the electropop outfit Figurine. Other projects include Strictly Ballroom, Headset and The Postal Service. more