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DJ Premier

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1.Rakim         > 20x
2.Gang Starr         > 20x
3.Eric B. & Rakim         > 20x
4.KRS-One         15.8x
5.RJD2         6.0x
6.De La Soul         5.4x
7.Common         4.6x
8.J Dilla         3.9x
9.Public Enemy         3.5x
10.A Tribe Called Quest         3.5x
11.The Roots         3.3x
12.Wu-Tang Clan         3.0x
13.Stevie Wonder         2.3x
14.Outkast         2.3x
15.Marvin Gaye         2.2x
16.Jimi Hendrix         < 1.5x
Christopher Edward Martin (born March 21, 1966), better known by his stage name DJ Premier (also known as Preem, Premo, or Primo for short), is an American record producer and DJ, and was the instrumental half of the hip hop duo Gang Starr, together with emcee Guru. Born in Houston and raised in Prairie View, Texas, and Brooklyn, New York during his teen years, he has lived in Brooklyn for much of his professional career. Rolling Stone identified Premier as arguably Hip-Hop's greatest producer of all time. The Source placed DJ Premier... more