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1.The Cinematic Orchestra         > 20x
2.Kruder & Dorfmeister         18.9x
3.Bonobo         14.6x
4.Burial         14.1x
5.Amon Tobin         13.0x
6.DJ Shadow         12.5x
7.Madlib         11.7x
8.Thievery Corporation         11.7x
9.A Tribe Called Quest         10.2x
10.Fela Kuti         9.2x
11.Nujabes       8.9x
12.Daedelus         8.8x
13.De La Soul         7.9x
14.Gang Starr         7.7x
15.Flying Lotus         7.1x
16.Squarepusher         7.0x
17.RJD2         6.4x
18.J Dilla         6.4x
19.Boards of Canada         6.3x
20.Zero 7         5.2x
21.The Future Sound of London         4.9x
22.Aphex Twin         4.9x
23.Ulrich Schnauss         4.8x
24.Eric B. & Rakim         4.6x
25.The Pharcyde         4.6x
26.Röyksopp         4.5x
27.Autechre         4.4x
28.Deltron 3030         4.2x
29.Nina Simone         4.1x
30.Massive Attack         4.0x
31.Funkadelic         3.7x
32.Erykah Badu         3.7x
33.Mr. Lif         3.6x
34.The Roots         3.5x
35.Black Star         3.5x
36.Parliament         3.3x
37.Portishead         3.2x
38.Wu-Tang Clan         3.2x
39.Mos Def         3.1x
40.Talib Kweli         3.0x
41.Air         3.0x
42.Quasimoto         2.9x
43.James Brown         2.9x
44.Sade         2.9x
45.Curtis Mayfield         2.9x
46.Miles Davis         2.8x
47.James Blake         2.4x
48.Al Green         2.4x
49.Orbital         2.2x
50.Björk         2.1x
51.Jimi Hendrix         2.0x
52.Billie Holiday         1.9x
53.Run–D.M.C.         1.9x
54.Groove Armada         1.9x
55.Madvillain         1.7x
56.Télépopmusik         1.7x
57.The Crystal Method         1.6x
58.Bob Marley         1.6x
59.Trentemøller         1.6x
60.Tycho         1.5x
61.El-P         1.5x
62.Tricky         1.5x
63.MF Doom         1.5x
64.John Coltrane         < 1.5x
Hideaki Ishi (石 英明, Ishi Hideaki?, born 1962 in Tokyo, Japan), better known by his stage name DJ Krush, is an alternative hip hop producer and DJ. He is known for his atmospheric instrumental production which incorporates sound elements from nature and extensive use of jazz and soul samples. more