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Dirty Pretty Things

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1.Babyshambles         > 20x
2.The Fratellis         > 20x
3.The Libertines         > 20x
4.Arctic Monkeys         15.9x
5.Franz Ferdinand         13.0x
6.Billie Holiday         4.8x
7.Fleet Foxes         4.5x
8.Iggy Pop         4.0x
9.Sex Pistols         4.0x
10.David Bowie         3.8x
11.Vampire Weekend         3.1x
12.Joy Division         3.1x
13.The Clash         2.9x
14.The Smiths         2.7x
15.Arcade Fire         2.0x
16.The Cure         1.8x
17.Gorillaz         < 1.5x
Dirty Pretty Things were an English band fronted by Carl Barât, a member of The Libertines. The formation of the band was announced in September 2005, after a dispute between Barât and Pete Doherty led to the breakup of The Libertines in 2004. Barât had worked with Vertigo Records and had previously revealed that his new project was with the label. Didz Hammond announced he was leaving the Cooper Temple Clause to join the band alongside Libertines drummer Gary Powell and guitarist Anthony Rossomando, who had filled in for Doherty following his departure from The Libertines. They... more