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Die Antwoord

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1.Yolandi Visser   > 20x
2.Grimes         3.6x
3.Crystal Castles         3.4x
4.Lana Del Rey         3.2x
5.Marina and the Diamonds         3.1x
6.Das Racist         3.0x
7.Yelle         3.0x
8.Mike Patton         2.9x
9.Gogol Bordello         2.8x
10.Peaches         2.4x
11.Chromeo         2.3x
12.Goldfrapp         2.1x
13.Frank Ocean         2.1x
14.The xx         2.0x
15.Ratatat         2.0x
16.Shpongle         2.0x
17.Odd Future         1.9x
18.Daft Punk         1.9x
19.Flux Pavilion         1.9x
20.Röyksopp         1.8x
21.Ladytron         1.8x
22.Diplo         1.7x
23.The Knife         1.7x
24.Two Gallants         1.7x
25.Björk         1.6x
26.Ween         1.6x
27.Sneaker Pimps         1.6x
28.Uffie         1.5x
29.Mc chris         1.5x
30.Infected Mushroom         1.5x
31.Metric         < 1.5x
32.La Roux         < 1.5x
33.Mr. Bungle         < 1.5x
34.Black Moth Super Rainbow         < 1.5x
Die Antwoord (Afrikaans: "The Answer") is a South African rap-rave band formed in Cape Town in 2008. Fronted by vocalists Ninja and Yolandi Visser, their music is produced by DJ Hi-Tek. Their image draws from the zef counterculture movement and the works of Roger Ballen. Die Antwoord released their first album, $O$, online for free, and attracted international attention for their music video to "Enter the Ninja". After briefly signing with Interscope Records, they founded their own label in 2011, Zef Recordz, through... more