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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.The Ergs!         > 20x
2.Dillinger Four         > 20x
3.Off with Their Heads         > 20x
4.Chuck Ragan         > 20x
5.The Lawrence Arms         > 20x
6.Screeching Weasel         19.5x
7.Avail         17.1x
8.Minor Threat         16.6x
9.The Queers         14.9x
10.Gorilla Biscuits         14.3x
11.Strike Anywhere         13.8x
12.The Menzingers         13.7x
13.Lifetime         13.7x
14.The Bouncing Souls         13.6x
15.Dag Nasty         13.5x
16.Jawbreaker         13.2x
17.Circle Jerks         12.9x
18.Lagwagon         12.8x
19.Superchunk         12.4x
20.Propagandhi         11.8x
21.Against Me!         11.7x
22.Subhumans         11.7x
23.Misfits         11.3x
24.Give Up the Ghost         11.2x
25.Black Flag         11.0x
26.Hot Water Music         11.0x
27.Defiance, Ohio         10.9x
28.Rocket from the Crypt         10.7x
29.Fugazi         10.5x
30.The Dead Milkmen         10.5x
31.Adolescents         10.4x
32.Hüsker Dü         10.1x
33.Drive Like Jehu         9.9x
34.Minutemen         9.8x
35.Stiff Little Fingers         9.2x
36.Refused         9.0x
37.Lemuria         8.9x
38.The Replacements         8.7x
39.Dead Kennedys         8.7x
40.Frank Turner         8.6x
41.Kid Dynamite         8.6x
42.Rites of Spring         8.5x
43.The Get Up Kids         8.4x
44.Choking Victim         8.4x
45.Bad Religion         8.3x
46.Hot Snakes         8.3x
47.Germs         8.2x
48.Henry Rollins         8.2x
49.Bad Brains         8.1x
50.T.S.O.L.         8.1x
51.Wipers         8.0x
52.Samiam         7.7x
53.Ramones         7.7x
54.Fear         7.7x
55.Leftöver Crack         7.7x
56.The Dead Boys         7.6x
57.NOFX         7.6x
58.The Vandals         7.5x
59.Streetlight Manifesto         7.3x
60.The Clash         7.1x
61.Alkaline Trio         7.1x
62.The Specials         7.1x
63.Jets to Brazil         6.9x
64.The Exploited         6.9x
65.The Gaslight Anthem         6.9x
66.Small Brown Bike         6.6x
67.Rancid         6.6x
68.Shellac         6.5x
69.Johnny Thunders         6.4x
70.Paul Baribeau         6.3x
71.Anti-Flag         6.2x
72.Big Black         6.1x
73.Buzzcocks         6.1x
74.Dinosaur Jr.         5.9x
75.Cock Sparrer         5.7x
76.The Distillers         5.6x
77.Operation Ivy         5.3x
78.Murder City Devils         5.1x
79.The Jesus Lizard         5.0x
80.Me First and the Gimme Gimmes         5.0x
81.Bikini Kill         4.9x
82.Melvins         4.9x
83.Archers of Loaf         4.8x
84.Saves the Day         4.7x
85.Sebadoh         4.7x
86.Big D and the Kids Table         4.7x
87.Crass         4.6x
88.Cap'n Jazz         4.5x
89.The Cramps         4.4x
90.Hank Williams III         4.4x
91.MC5         4.4x
92.Joy Division         4.3x
93.Mission of Burma         4.2x
94.Lucero         4.2x
95.Goldfinger         4.2x
96.Social Distortion         4.1x
97.Stray Cats         4.1x
98.The Adicts         4.0x
99.Guided by Voices         4.0x
100.The Aquabats         4.0x
101.Public Enemy         4.0x
102.Transplants         4.0x
103.Strung Out         3.9x
104.The Pogues         3.9x
105.Gang of Four         3.9x
106.Millencolin         3.8x
107.Big Star         3.8x
108.Brand New         3.8x
109.Sex Pistols         3.8x
110.The Stooges         3.7x
111.Violent Femmes         3.7x
112.Pennywise         3.7x
113.The Jam         3.6x
114.No Use for a Name         3.6x
115.Devo         3.6x
116.The Hold Steady         3.5x
117.Turbonegro         3.5x
118.Madness         3.4x
119.The Dopamines         3.4x
120.Andrew Jackson Jihad         3.4x
121.At the Drive-In         3.4x
122.Gogol Bordello         3.4x
123.Cro-Mags         3.4x
124.Pixies         3.3x
125.Converge         3.3x
126.Meat Puppets         3.2x
127.The Damned         3.2x
128.The Smiths         3.2x
129.The Birthday Party         3.1x
130.Motörhead         3.1x
131.The Jesus and Mary Chain         3.1x
132.Howlin' Wolf         3.1x
133.Bob Mould         3.1x
134.Wire         3.1x
135.N.W.A         3.0x
136.Bomb the Music Industry!         3.0x
137.New York Dolls         2.9x
138.T. Rex         2.9x
139.Rollins Band         2.9x
140.The Velvet Underground         2.9x
141.GG Allin         2.8x
142.Agnostic Front         2.8x
143.Iggy Pop         2.8x
144.Dropkick Murphys         2.8x
145.Johnny Cash         2.7x
146.Suicidal Tendencies         2.7x
147.Teenage Bottlerocket         2.6x
148.Cheap Girls         2.6x
149.Save Ferris         2.6x
150.Less Than Jake         2.6x
151.Hank Williams         2.6x
152.Mike Patton         2.6x
153.Billy Bragg         2.6x
154.Kylesa         2.5x
155.Reel Big Fish         2.4x
156.Echo & the Bunnymen         2.4x
157.The Kinks         2.4x
158.Butthole Surfers         2.4x
159.Sonic Youth         2.4x
160.The Mountain Goats         2.4x
161.Sleater-Kinney         2.3x
162.Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds         2.3x
163.New Order         2.3x
164.Siouxsie and the Banshees         2.3x
165.Pavement         2.3x
166.The Cure         2.3x
167.The Breeders         2.2x
168.The Cars         2.2x
169.Toots and the Maytals         2.2x
170.Tom Waits         2.2x
171.Faith No More         2.2x
172.The Undertones         2.2x
173.Otis Redding         2.1x
174.Buddy Holly         2.1x
175.Beat Happening         2.1x
176.X-Ray Spex         2.0x
177.Flipper         2.0x
178.Stereolab         2.0x
179.American Football         2.0x
180.Mad Caddies         2.0x
181.Dear Landlord         2.0x
182.Suicide         2.0x
183.Lou Reed         1.9x
184.Tiger Army         1.9x
185.The Mighty Mighty Bosstones         1.8x
186.Elliott Smith         1.8x
187.Ween         1.8x
188.Cursive         1.8x
189.Tsunami Bomb         1.8x
190.Andrew W.K.         1.8x
191.My Bloody Valentine         1.8x
192.Elvis Costello         1.8x
193.Nick Cave         1.8x
194.Death from Above 1979         1.7x
195.The Sonics         1.7x
196.Public Image Ltd         1.7x
197.James Brown         1.6x
198.Sunny Day Real Estate         1.6x
199.Wu-Tang Clan         1.6x
200.Tomahawk         1.6x
201.Say Anything         1.6x
202.Thin Lizzy         1.6x
203.Slayer         1.6x
204.XTC         1.6x
205.Danzig         1.6x
206.They Might Be Giants         1.6x
207.AFI         1.6x
208.Bill Hicks         1.6x
209.Flogging Molly         1.5x
210.Blondie         1.5x
211.The Detroit Cobras         1.5x
212.Mustard Plug         1.5x
213.The Reverend Horton Heat         1.5x
214.David Bowie         1.5x
215.George Clinton         1.5x
216.Talking Heads         < 1.5x
217.Beastie Boys         < 1.5x
218.Built to Spill         < 1.5x
219.Primus         < 1.5x
220.Fantômas         < 1.5x
221.Cheap Trick         < 1.5x
222.Black Sabbath         < 1.5x
223.Belle & Sebastian         < 1.5x
224.Good Riddance         < 1.5x
225.Peeping Tom         < 1.5x
226.The Promise Ring         < 1.5x
227.Patti Smith         < 1.5x
228.Cocteau Twins         < 1.5x
229.Rx Bandits         < 1.5x
230.Le Tigre         < 1.5x
231.The Casualties         < 1.5x
232.Bright Eyes         < 1.5x
233.The Stranglers         < 1.5x
234.Slowdive         < 1.5x
235.Robert Johnson         < 1.5x
The Descendents are a punk rock band formed in 1978 in Manhattan Beach, California. Formed in 1978 by guitarist Frank Navetta, bassist Tony Lombardo and drummer Bill Stevenson. In 1980 they enlisted Stevenson's friend Milo Aukerman from school as a singer, and reappeared as a punk band, becoming a major player in the hardcore scene developing in Los Angeles at the time. They have released six studio albums, three live albums, three compilation albums, and three EPs. Since 1987, the band's lineup has consisted of singer Milo Aukerman, guitarist Stephen Egerton, bassist Karl Alvarez,... more