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Department of Eagles

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1.Grizzly Bear         14.0x
2.Beach House         9.7x
3.Fleet Foxes         6.2x
4.Sufjan Stevens         5.9x
5.The Dodos         5.7x
6.Andrew Bird         5.4x
7.Of Montreal         4.8x
8.Animal Collective         4.8x
9.Built to Spill         4.1x
10.Beirut         4.1x
11.Rilo Kiley         3.6x
12.Washed Out         3.3x
13.The National         3.3x
14.Bon Iver         3.1x
15.The Tallest Man on Earth         3.0x
16.LCD Soundsystem         2.9x
17.Panda Bear         2.9x
18.Atlas Sound         2.8x
19.Dirty Projectors         2.7x
20.Elliott Smith         2.5x
21.Dr. Dog         2.5x
22.Band of Horses         2.5x
23.Deerhunter         2.4x
24.A Tribe Called Quest         2.4x
25.She & Him         2.4x
26.Neutral Milk Hotel         2.2x
27.Pixies         2.2x
28.Caribou         2.0x
29.Fela Kuti         2.0x
30.Thelonious Monk         1.9x
31.The Strokes         1.8x
32.Radiohead         1.7x
33.The Black Keys         1.7x
34.Iron & Wine         1.6x
35.Spoon         1.5x
36.Joanna Newsom         1.5x
37.TV on the Radio         < 1.5x
38.Peter Bjorn and John         < 1.5x
39.Bonobo         < 1.5x
40.Katt Williams         < 1.5x
41.M. Ward         < 1.5x
42.Vampire Weekend         < 1.5x
Department of Eagles is a band formed in 2000 by friends and New York University (NYU) roommates Daniel Rossen (Grizzly Bear) and Fred Nicolaus. The roommates created music from collected samples, assembled into songs and recorded with pirated recording software and a microphone borrowed from their neighbor, Chris Taylor, who later became Rossen's bandmate in Grizzly Bear, as well as Department of Eagles' producer and recording engineer. The duo's music combines folk, electronica and other influences. Initially, Rossen and Nicolaus planned on distributing their dorm room... more