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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Marnie Stern         16.8x
2.Battles         13.8x
3.Broadcast         9.5x
4.The Microphones       9.4x
5.Ty Segall         9.3x
6.Xiu Xiu         8.6x
7.Panda Bear         8.5x
8.The Unicorns         8.2x
9.Lightning Bolt         8.0x
10.Das Racist         7.9x
11.The Fiery Furnaces         7.9x
12.Dan Deacon         7.8x
13.Sleater-Kinney         7.7x
14.Deerhunter         7.4x
15.The Olivia Tremor Control         7.2x
16.Don Caballero         7.2x
17.Pavement         6.7x
18.Thee Oh Sees         6.6x
19.Hella         6.4x
20.Bibio         6.4x
21.Atlas Sound         6.1x
22.Les Savy Fav         5.9x
23.Melt-Banana         5.7x
24.Dirty Projectors         5.6x
25.múm         5.5x
26.The Books         5.3x
27.Blonde Redhead         5.2x
28.Tune-Yards         5.2x
29.Charles Mingus         5.1x
30.Boards of Canada         5.1x
31.Of Montreal         5.0x
32.St. Vincent         4.9x
33.Neon Indian         4.8x
34.Animal Collective         4.7x
35.Mount Eerie         4.7x
36.Beat Happening         4.4x
37.Four Tet         4.4x
38.Caribou         4.3x
39.Neutral Milk Hotel         4.3x
40.Sun Ra         4.2x
41.Owen Pallett         4.2x
42.Dinosaur Jr.         4.2x
43.Liars         4.1x
44.Man Man         4.1x
45.The Magnetic Fields         3.9x
46.Built to Spill         3.9x
47.Fugazi         3.9x
48.Mouse on Mars         3.8x
49.Grizzly Bear         3.8x
50.The Birthday Party         3.8x
51.Burial         3.7x
52.Flying Lotus         3.7x
53.Cocteau Twins         3.6x
54.Ariel Pink         3.6x
55.Pixies         3.6x
56.Cat Power         3.5x
57.Joy Division         3.5x
58.Toro Y Moi         3.5x
59.Black Moth Super Rainbow         3.5x
60.Talking Heads         3.5x
61.Brian Eno         3.4x
62.My Bloody Valentine         3.4x
63.The New Pornographers         3.4x
64.The Dismemberment Plan         3.3x
65.Thom Yorke         3.3x
66.Beulah         3.3x
67.Nico         3.2x
68.Slint         3.2x
69.Elliott Smith         3.2x
70.Menomena         3.2x
71.Thelonious Monk         3.2x
72.James Blake         3.1x
73.Daedelus         3.0x
74.Mogwai         3.0x
75.Clap Your Hands Say Yeah         3.0x
76.The Knife         3.0x
77.TV on the Radio         3.0x
78.Yo La Tengo         3.0x
79.Beach House         2.9x
80.The Flaming Lips         2.9x
81.Miles Davis         2.9x
82.LCD Soundsystem         2.9x
83.Camera Obscura         2.9x
84.Andrew Bird         2.9x
85.Belle & Sebastian         2.9x
86.The Velvet Underground         2.9x
87.MF Doom         2.8x
88.The Raincoats         2.8x
89.Sonic Youth         2.8x
90.Sufjan Stevens         2.8x
91.Television         2.8x
92.Architecture in Helsinki         2.7x
93.Ornette Coleman         2.7x
94.Washed Out         2.7x
95.Nick Drake         2.6x
96.Björk         2.6x
97.Tom Waits         2.6x
98.Ween         2.6x
99.Madlib         2.6x
100.Pere Ubu         2.6x
101.Yeasayer         2.6x
102.Fuck Buttons         2.6x
103.Joanna Newsom         2.5x
104.The Field         2.5x
105.Sigur Rós         2.5x
106.Crystal Castles         2.5x
107.The Mountain Goats         2.5x
108.T. Rex         2.4x
109.Stephen Malkmus         2.4x
110.Serge Gainsbourg         2.4x
111.PJ Harvey         2.3x
112.Spoon         2.3x
113.Stereolab         2.3x
114.Le Tigre         2.3x
115.Sleigh Bells         2.3x
116.Hot Chip         2.3x
117.Air         2.3x
118.Patti Smith         2.3x
119.Silver Jews         2.3x
120.Wolf Parade         2.2x
121.Aphex Twin         2.2x
122.Broken Social Scene         2.2x
123.Portishead         2.2x
124.Iggy Pop         2.2x
125.Neko Case         2.2x
126.The Stooges         2.2x
127.A Tribe Called Quest         2.2x
128.Can         2.1x
129.Nina Simone         2.1x
130.Leonard Cohen         2.1x
131.The Breeders         2.0x
132.Yeah Yeah Yeahs         2.0x
133.Merzbow         2.0x
134.Fever Ray         2.0x
135.Siouxsie and the Banshees         2.0x
136.The National         2.0x
137.Gang of Four         2.0x
138.Modest Mouse         1.9x
139.Jens Lekman         1.9x
140.Tortoise         1.9x
141.Wu-Tang Clan         1.9x
142.The Walkmen         1.9x
143.Islands         1.8x
144.Death from Above 1979         1.8x
145.Sebadoh         1.8x
146.Arcade Fire         1.8x
147.The Dodos         1.8x
148.Lydia Lunch         1.8x
149.David Bowie         1.8x
150.Ol' Dirty Bastard         1.8x
151.The Kinks         1.7x
152.The Smiths         1.7x
153.Mr. Bungle         1.7x
154.CocoRosie         1.7x
155.Devo         1.7x
156.The Dresden Dolls         1.7x
157.Daniel Johnston         1.7x
158.Fela Kuti         1.7x
159.John Coltrane         1.7x
160.Ladytron         1.7x
161.Explosions in the Sky         1.7x
162.Bikini Kill         1.7x
163.Cut Copy         1.7x
164.Radiohead         1.7x
165.M83         1.6x
166.Wire         1.6x
167.Santigold         1.6x
168.Charlie Parker         1.6x
169.Édith Piaf         1.6x
170.Chris Clark         1.6x
171.The Replacements         1.6x
172.The Residents         1.6x
173.Squarepusher         1.6x
174.J Dilla         1.5x
175.Beck         1.5x
176.Phoenix         1.5x
177.Violent Femmes         1.5x
178.Big Star         1.5x
179.New Order         1.5x
180.Wilco         < 1.5x
181.Fleet Foxes         < 1.5x
182.Gza         < 1.5x
183.Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds         < 1.5x
184.The Gun Club         < 1.5x
185.John Cale         < 1.5x
186.My Morning Jacket         < 1.5x
187.Minutemen         < 1.5x
188.Captain Beefheart         < 1.5x
189.The Modern Lovers         < 1.5x
190.Vampire Weekend         < 1.5x
191.Mirah         < 1.5x
192.Lykke Li         < 1.5x
193.James Brown         < 1.5x
Deerhoof is a noise pop band formed in San Francisco in 1994. Known for being high-energy, unpredictable and difficult to classify, Deerhoof has maintained that they have never known what kind of music they would create next, nor that they even had any idea what they were doing when they created it. Deerhoof has released 11 self-produced albums and continues to tour the world frequently. The current members of Deerhoof are Satomi Matsuzaki, John Dieterich, Ed Rodriguez and Greg Saunier. more