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David Gilmour

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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Roger Waters         > 20x
2.Mark Knopfler         17.9x
3.Joe Walsh         16.7x
4.Syd Barrett   8.3x
5.Boston         8.0x
6.Pink Floyd       7.3x
7.The Alan Parsons Project         7.3x
8.Dire Straits         6.5x
9.The Jimi Hendrix Experience         6.2x
10.Yes         5.4x
11.Paul Simon         5.4x
12.Procol Harum         5.2x
13.Jethro Tull         5.2x
14.Kansas         4.6x
15.Traveling Wilburys         4.6x
16.B.B. King         4.6x
17.Cheap Trick         4.5x
18.Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers         4.4x
19.Bad Company         4.4x
20.Led Zeppelin         4.3x
21.John Lennon         4.2x
22.Jimi Hendrix         4.1x
23.Muddy Waters         4.0x
24.Uriah Heep         3.7x
25.Genesis         3.7x
26.The Doors       3.6x
27.Eagles         3.6x
28.Eric Clapton         3.5x
29.Thin Lizzy         3.5x
30.Bachman–Turner Overdrive         3.4x
31.Bryan Ferry         3.4x
32.Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young         3.2x
33.Billy Joel         3.2x
34.Deep Purple         3.2x
35.Emerson, Lake & Palmer         3.2x
36.Antonio Vivaldi         3.1x
37.Ray Charles         3.1x
38.Simon & Garfunkel         3.1x
39.Don McLean         3.1x
40.Chuck Berry         3.0x
41.Neil Young         3.0x
42.Paul McCartney         2.9x
43.The Band         2.9x
44.Fleetwood Mac         2.9x
45.Peter Gabriel         2.9x
46.Stevie Ray Vaughan         2.9x
47.Simple Minds         2.8x
48.John Lee Hooker         2.8x
49.John Williams         2.8x
50.ZZ Top     2.8x
51.Queen         2.6x
52.The Who         2.5x
53.The Police         2.5x
54.Tom Petty         2.5x
55.T. Rex         2.3x
56.Van Morrison         2.3x
57.The Allman Brothers Band         2.3x
58.Aretha Franklin         2.1x
59.The Beatles         2.0x
60.Johnny Cash         2.0x
61.Elton John         1.9x
62.AC/DC         1.9x
63.George Thorogood         1.9x
64.George Harrison         1.9x
65.Jeff Beck         1.9x
66.Diana Krall         1.9x
67.The Supremes         1.8x
68.Stray Cats         1.7x
69.Louis Armstrong         1.7x
70.Bob Marley & The Wailers         1.7x
71.Roy Orbison         1.6x
72.Jerry Lee Lewis         1.6x
73.James Brown         1.5x
74.Foreigner         1.5x
75.Rush         1.5x
76.Black Sabbath         1.5x
77.David Byrne         1.5x
78.Marvin Gaye         < 1.5x
79.Santana         < 1.5x
80.Alice Cooper         < 1.5x
81.Heart         < 1.5x
82.Frank Zappa         < 1.5x
David Jon Gilmour, CBE (b. 6 March 1946), is an English musician, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He is best-known for his work as the guitarist and co-lead vocalist of the progressive rock band Pink Floyd. It is estimated that as of 2012, the group have sold over 250 million records worldwide, including 74.5 million units sold in the United States. In addition to his work with Pink Floyd, Gilmour has worked as a producer for a variety of artists, and has enjoyed a successful career as a solo artist. He has been actively involved with many charities over the... more