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Danny Brown

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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Big K.R.I.T.         > 20x
2.Death Grips         > 20x
3.Das Racist         > 20x
4.Odd Future         > 20x
5.Kendrick Lamar         18.2x
6.SBTRKT         17.3x
7.The Weeknd         16.2x
8.Madvillain         9.4x
9.Death from Above 1979         8.1x
10.MF Doom         8.0x
11.Flying Lotus         7.6x
12.Burial         6.7x
13.ASAP Rocky         6.3x
14.Nujabes       5.9x
15.Frank Ocean         5.3x
16.A Tribe Called Quest         4.9x
17.Mos Def         4.1x
18.Air         3.4x
19.Wu-Tang Clan         3.4x
20.Outkast         3.2x
21.Aesop Rock         3.1x
22.TV on the Radio         3.0x
23.Big L         2.9x
24.Childish Gambino         2.8x
25.Ghostface Killah         2.7x
26.Saul Williams         2.5x
27.J Dilla         2.3x
28.Dirty Projectors         2.3x
29.Broadcast         2.2x
30.Bon Iver         2.1x
31.Black Star         2.1x
32.Deerhunter         2.0x
33.The Roots         2.0x
34.Electric Six         2.0x
35.Crystal Castles         1.7x
36.Madlib         1.7x
37.Fela Kuti         1.6x
38.The Strokes         1.6x
39.LCD Soundsystem         1.5x
40.Boards of Canada         1.5x
41.Nas         1.5x
42.Yo La Tengo         1.5x
43.James Blake         1.5x
44.Miles Davis         1.5x
45.DJ Shadow         < 1.5x
46.Radiohead         < 1.5x
47.Lupe Fiasco         < 1.5x
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