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Dan Auerbach

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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.The Black Keys         7.8x
2.Interpol         4.7x
3.Jack White         4.0x
4.Bonobo         3.5x
5.The White Stripes         3.2x
6.Joy Division         2.8x
7.The Smiths         2.4x
8.Jimi Hendrix         2.1x
9.Radiohead         1.9x
10.Arcade Fire         1.8x
11.Led Zeppelin         1.6x
12.The Cure         1.6x
13.Pink Floyd       < 1.5x
Daniel Quine "Dan" Auerbach (born May 14, 1979) is an American musician and record producer best known as the guitarist and vocalist for The Black Keys, a blues rock band from Akron, Ohio. As a member of the band, Auerbach has recorded and co-produced seven studio albums with his bandmate Patrick Carney. In 2009, Auerbach released a solo album entitled Keep It Hid. In addition to winning several Grammy Awards as a member of The Black Keys, Auerbach received the 2013 Grammy Award for Producer of the Year, Non-Classical for co-producing his band's 2011 album El Camino,... more