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1.T.S.O.L.         > 20x
2.Descendents         > 20x
3.Drive Like Jehu         > 20x
4.Germs         15.0x
5.Bad Brains         13.0x
6.The Birthday Party         9.4x
7.Dead Kennedys         8.5x
8.Alkaline Trio         7.5x
9.The Damned         6.5x
10.Ramones         5.7x
11.Joy Division         5.2x
12.The Cramps         5.0x
13.The Clash         5.0x
14.Minor Threat         4.7x
15.AFI         4.7x
16.Johnny Cash         3.7x
17.Siouxsie and the Banshees         3.2x
18.Black Flag         2.8x
19.Devo         2.8x
20.Prince         1.9x
Dag Nasty was a Washington D.C. melodic hardcore band formed in 1985 by guitarist Brian Baker of Minor Threat, drummer Colin Sears and bassist Roger Marbury, both of Bloody Mannequin Orchestra, and vocalist Shawn Brown (later of Swiz and Jesuseater). Their style of less aggressive, melodic hardcore was influential to emocore, as well as post-hardcore; they being influenced by The Faith and their 1983 EP Subject to Change. Shawn Brown was the first vocalist with whom the band recorded unreleased versions of most of the material that later made up their first release ... more