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Culture Club

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1.Dead or Alive         > 20x
2.Cyndi Lauper         13.2x
3.Erasure         12.9x
4.Pet Shop Boys         12.2x
5.Stevie Nicks         10.1x
6.Duran Duran         9.1x
7.Blondie         8.9x
8.Eurythmics         8.3x
9.Pat Benatar         8.1x
10.Scissor Sisters         6.8x
11.Dolly Parton         6.0x
12.Charlie Parker         4.8x
13.Annie Lennox         4.4x
14.Tears for Fears         4.4x
15.George Michael         3.4x
16.Joni Mitchell         3.3x
17.The Cardigans         3.1x
18.Nina Simone         3.0x
19.The B-52's         2.8x
20.The Police         2.5x
21.Ella Fitzgerald         2.5x
22.ABBA         2.4x
23.Fleetwood Mac         2.4x
24.Patsy Cline         2.1x
25.Enigma         2.0x
26.The Breeders         1.7x
27.Antonio Vivaldi         1.6x
28.Madonna         1.6x
29.Kylie Minogue         1.5x
30.Depeche Mode         1.5x
31.Spice Girls         < 1.5x
32.Queen         < 1.5x
33.Imogen Heap         < 1.5x
34.Cher         < 1.5x
Culture Club are an English pop band that was part of the 1980s New Romantic movement. The original band comprised Boy George (lead vocals), Mikey Craig (bass guitar), Roy Hay (guitar and keyboards) and Jon Moss (drums and percussion). Their second album, Colour by Numbers, has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide, and they had several international hits with songs such as "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me", "Time (Clock of the Heart)", "Church of the Poison Mind" and "Karma Chameleon". Boy George's androgynous style of dressing caught the attention of the public and the... more