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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Hot Chip         8.5x
2.Simian Mobile Disco         5.3x
3.The Sounds         5.2x
4.Peaches         4.5x
5.Klaxons         4.0x
6.Of Montreal         3.6x
7.Crystal Castles         3.5x
8.Metronomy         3.4x
9.Yeah Yeah Yeahs         3.2x
10.The Knife         3.1x
11.Metric         3.0x
12.M.I.A.         2.0x
13.Tegan and Sara         1.9x
14.Ratatat         1.7x
15.LCD Soundsystem         1.7x
16.La Roux         1.5x
17.Ladytron         1.5x
18.Caribou         1.5x
19.Sleigh Bells         < 1.5x
20.Phoenix         < 1.5x
21.Passion Pit         < 1.5x
22.Daft Punk         < 1.5x
23.Justice         < 1.5x
24.The xx         < 1.5x
25.Bikini Kill         < 1.5x
CSS (an initialism of Cansei de Ser Sexy) is a Brazilian rock band from São Paulo. The band was labeled as part of the explosion of the new rave scene. Their songs are in both English and Portuguese. Cansei de Ser Sexy (Portuguese: [kɐ̃ˈsej d(ʒi)seʁ ˈsɛksi], [kɐ̃ˈseɪ̯ dʒɪ seɾ ˈsɛksi] in São Paulo) literally translates as "I got tired of being sexy". more