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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Have Heart         > 20x
2.Gorilla Biscuits         > 20x
3.Botch         > 20x
4.Agnostic Front         > 20x
5.Cock Sparrer         > 20x
6.Bad Brains         > 20x
7.Minor Threat         > 20x
8.Black Flag         18.0x
9.Circle Jerks         16.4x
10.Misfits         16.4x
11.Voivod         15.6x
12.Carcass         12.2x
13.Discharge         12.0x
14.Fugazi         11.9x
15.Neurosis         10.9x
16.The Specials         10.5x
17.Celtic Frost         10.2x
18.Descendents         9.0x
19.Germs         8.4x
20.Napalm Death         7.5x
21.Fear         7.5x
22.The Stooges         6.8x
23.The Pogues         6.6x
24.Buzzcocks         6.1x
25.Motörhead         6.0x
26.Saves the Day         5.4x
27.Hüsker Dü         5.4x
28.The Clash         5.3x
29.Refused         5.3x
30.High on Fire         4.9x
31.Stiff Little Fingers         4.7x
32.Operation Ivy         4.6x
33.Dead Kennedys         3.9x
34.The Reverend Horton Heat         3.7x
35.The Dead Boys         3.5x
36.Morbid Angel         3.1x
37.Kreator         3.1x
38.Bathory         2.9x
39.Rancid         2.8x
40.Wu-Tang Clan         2.8x
41.GG Allin         2.7x
42.Converge         2.6x
43.Ramones         2.6x
44.The Get Up Kids         2.5x
45.The Velvet Underground         2.4x
46.Faith No More         2.2x
47.Bad Religion         2.0x
48.Jawbreaker         1.9x
49.The Cure         1.8x
50.Henry Rollins         1.7x
51.Sonic Youth         1.6x
52.Black Sabbath         1.6x
53.Minutemen         1.5x
54.The Smiths         1.5x
55.The Damned         1.5x
56.Social Distortion         < 1.5x
57.Primus         < 1.5x
58.The Replacements         < 1.5x
59.Suicidal Tendencies         < 1.5x
60.Sex Pistols         < 1.5x
Cro-Mags are a hardcore punk turned crossover thrash band from New York City. The band, which had a strong cult following, has released five studio albums, their first two considered the most influential. With a hare-krishna background, they were among the first bands to fuse hardcore punk with thrash metal and were associated with the birth of a tougher attitude within the hardcore scene in the late 1980s, related to the world of martial arts. John Joseph McGowan and Harley Flanagan are practitioners of boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu respectively. According to AllMusic, "before the... more