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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Rudimentary Peni         > 20x
2.Subhumans         > 20x
3.Choking Victim         > 20x
4.Circle Jerks         16.5x
5.Conflict         14.0x
6.Leftöver Crack         13.0x
7.Minor Threat         11.6x
8.Dead Kennedys         11.3x
9.Alien Sex Fiend         10.4x
10.Bikini Kill         10.3x
11.X-Ray Spex         10.0x
12.Melt-Banana         9.9x
13.Death in June         9.4x
14.Desmond Dekker         8.9x
15.The Dead Milkmen         8.8x
16.Swans         8.6x
17.Fugazi         8.6x
18.Germs         8.5x
19.Bad Brains         8.4x
20.Black Flag         8.2x
21.T.S.O.L.         7.9x
22.Killing Joke         7.3x
23.Gang of Four         7.1x
24.Cock Sparrer         7.0x
25.The Queers         6.9x
26.Descendents         6.7x
27.The Cramps         6.6x
28.Melvins         6.6x
29.Misfits         5.8x
30.Big Black         5.7x
31.The Exploited         5.5x
32.Siouxsie and the Banshees         5.5x
33.Godflesh         5.5x
34.Love and Rockets         5.5x
35.Boredoms         5.4x
36.Magazine         5.3x
37.The Birthday Party         5.3x
38.Throbbing Gristle         5.3x
39.Shellac         5.3x
40.Joy Division         5.0x
41.Buzzcocks         5.0x
42.Suicide         4.9x
43.Devo         4.8x
44.Bad Religion         4.8x
45.Ramones         4.5x
46.The Specials         4.5x
47.The Stooges         4.5x
48.The Damned         4.4x
49.Screeching Weasel         4.4x
50.The Slits         4.4x
51.Mission of Burma         4.3x
52.Hank Williams III         4.3x
53.Einstürzende Neubauten         4.2x
54.Public Enemy         4.2x
55.Anti-Flag         4.2x
56.Iggy Pop         4.1x
57.Operation Ivy         3.9x
58.Tones on Tail         3.8x
59.Nurse with Wound         3.6x
60.Merzbow         3.6x
61.The Creatures         3.6x
62.MC5         3.6x
63.Wire         3.5x
64.The Jesus Lizard         3.4x
65.Henry Rollins         3.4x
66.Sex Pistols         3.4x
67.Public Image Ltd         3.4x
68.Sonic Youth         3.3x
69.Current 93         3.3x
70.Jello Biafra         3.1x
71.Toots and the Maytals         3.1x
72.Skinny Puppy         3.1x
73.Minutemen         3.1x
74.Brian Eno         2.9x
75.Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds         2.9x
76.Agent Orange         2.8x
77.Siouxsie Sioux         2.8x
78.Nick Cave         2.8x
79.GG Allin         2.8x
80.Sleater-Kinney         2.8x
81.The Velvet Underground         2.6x
82.The Smiths         2.6x
83.Butthole Surfers         2.5x
84.Pixies         2.5x
85.The Clash         2.5x
86.The Distillers         2.5x
87.Robert Johnson         2.4x
88.The Pogues         2.4x
89.Kraftwerk         2.3x
90.Hank Williams         2.3x
91.Bauhaus         2.3x
92.Kimya Dawson         2.3x
93.Christian Death         2.3x
94.Rancid         2.2x
95.Adam Ant         2.2x
96.My Bloody Valentine         2.2x
97.Xmal Deutschland         2.2x
98.Tom Waits         2.2x
99.Coil         2.2x
100.The Vandals         2.2x
101.Can         2.1x
102.Cabaret Voltaire         2.1x
103.Propagandhi         2.1x
104.Suicidal Tendencies         2.0x
105.The Orb         2.0x
106.Avail         2.0x
107.T. Rex         2.0x
108.Hüsker Dü         1.9x
109.Gogol Bordello         1.9x
110.James Brown         1.9x
111.Talking Heads         1.8x
112.Mike Patton         1.8x
113.Faith No More         1.8x
114.Discharge         1.7x
115.Johnny Cash         1.7x
116.The Cure         1.7x
117.Violent Femmes         1.7x
118.The Doors       1.7x
119.Rage Against the Machine         1.6x
120.Depeche Mode         1.6x
121.Motörhead         1.6x
122.Cocteau Twins         1.6x
123.Bill Hicks         1.6x
124.Defiance, Ohio         1.5x
125.Lou Reed         1.5x
126.Aphex Twin         1.5x
127.Boards of Canada         1.5x
128.Adam and the Ants         1.5x
129.Slayer         < 1.5x
130.Blondie         < 1.5x
131.Primus         < 1.5x
132.Gary Numan         < 1.5x
133.New Order         < 1.5x
134.Neu!         < 1.5x
135.The Psychedelic Furs         < 1.5x
136.45 Grave         < 1.5x
Crass were an English punk rock band formed in 1977 which promoted anarchism as a political ideology, a way of life and a resistance movement. Crass popularised the anarcho-punk movement of the punk subculture, advocating direct action, animal rights and environmentalism. The band used and advocated a DIY punk ethic approach to its sound collages, leaflets, albums and films. Crass spray-painted stencilled graffiti messages in the London Underground system and on advertising billboards, coordinated squats and organised political action. The band expressed its ideals by dressing... more