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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Faderhead         > 20x
2.Imperative Reaction         > 20x
3.Icon of Coil         > 20x
4.Aesthetic Perfection         > 20x
5.Neuroticfish         > 20x
6.Assemblage 23         > 20x
7.And One         > 20x
8.Covenant         > 20x
9.VNV Nation         > 20x
10.Suicide Commando         > 20x
11.Seabound         > 20x
12.Rotersand         > 20x
13.Ayria         > 20x
14.Tactical Sekt         > 20x
15.Hocico         19.9x
16.Apoptygma Berzerk         18.3x
17.Wumpscut:         18.0x
18.De/Vision         17.9x
19.Funker Vogt         17.9x         17.2x
21.Razed in Black         16.8x
22.Project Pitchfork         16.8x
23.Panzer AG         16.2x
24.God Module         15.4x
25.Blutengel         15.2x
26.KMFDM         14.9x
27.Grendel         14.7x
28.Angelspit         13.9x
29.I:Scintilla         13.6x
30.Collide         12.1x
31.Velvet Acid Christ         12.0x
32.Hanzel und Gretyl         10.9x
33.London After Midnight         10.6x
34.The Birthday Massacre         9.9x
35.MDFMK         9.6x
36.Skinny Puppy         9.4x
37.OhGr         9.4x
38.Das Ich         8.5x
39.Front Line Assembly         8.5x
40.Beborn Beton         8.4x
41.Wolfsheim         8.0x
42.In Strict Confidence         7.5x
43.Front 242         7.2x
44.Diary of Dreams         7.1x
45.The Crüxshadows         7.1x
46.Kidneythieves         6.9x
47.Zeromancer         6.5x
48.Switchblade Symphony         6.5x
49.Ministry         6.2x
50.Psyclon Nine         5.9x
51.Lords of Acid         5.9x
52.Clan of Xymox         5.0x
53.Laibach         4.9x
54.Die Form         4.9x
55.My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult         4.6x
56.Einstürzende Neubauten         4.3x
57.Haujobb         4.1x
58.Samael         3.9x
59.IAMX         3.9x
60.Jack Off Jill         3.8x
61.Type O Negative         3.8x
62.Blaqk Audio         3.7x
63.Rammstein         3.6x
64.Sneaker Pimps         3.5x
65.Nitzer Ebb         3.4x
66.Depeche Mode         3.4x
67.The 69 Eyes         3.4x
68.Dethklok         3.4x
69.White Zombie         3.2x
70.The Sisters of Mercy         3.1x
71.Mindless Self Indulgence         3.1x
72.Nine Inch Nails         3.0x
73.Juno Reactor         2.9x
74.Peter Murphy         2.9x
75.Emilie Autumn         2.8x
76.Massive Attack         2.7x
77.Pantera         2.7x
78.Informatik         2.6x
79.Placebo         2.6x
80.Static-X         2.6x
81.Rob Zombie         2.5x
82.A Perfect Circle         2.5x
83.Siouxsie and the Banshees         2.2x
84.Apocalyptica         2.2x
85.She Wants Revenge         2.1x
86.Otep         2.1x
87.The Cure         2.0x
88.Fear Factory         2.0x
89.Orgy         2.0x
90.Coal Chamber         2.0x
91.Shiny Toy Guns         2.0x
92.Ladytron         1.9x
93.Bloodhound Gang         1.9x
94.Celldweller         1.8x
95.Cradle of Filth         1.8x
96.Benny Benassi         1.8x
97.Killswitch Engage         1.8x
98.Dimmu Borgir         1.7x
99.Tool         1.7x
100.Deadmau5         1.6x
101.Epica         1.6x
102.Infected Mushroom         1.6x
103.Dope         1.6x
104.Portishead         1.5x
105.Marilyn Manson         1.5x
106.Rancid         1.5x
107.Paul Oakenfold         1.5x
108.In Flames         < 1.5x
109.Dead Can Dance         < 1.5x
110.Korn         < 1.5x
111.Lacuna Coil         < 1.5x
112.Deathstars         < 1.5x
113.Rasputina         < 1.5x
114.Zombie Girl         < 1.5x
115.Deftones         < 1.5x
116.Opeth         < 1.5x
Combichrist is a Norwegian aggrotech band formed in 2003 by Norwegian Andy LaPlegua, who also founded the bands Icon of Coil, Panzer AG, Scandinavian Cock and Scandy. Combichrist is based in Atlanta, Georgia. The band consist of only LaPlegua in the studio with Joe Letz, Z_Marr, and Abbey Nex for live performances. Releases by the band have been very successful in terms of sales and charted in top positions for dance and alternative charts worldwide, a few releases have even sold out completely.[citation needed] more