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Closure in Moscow

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1.The Fall of Troy         > 20x
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4.Underoath         16.9x
5.Thrice         16.8x
6.Say Anything         15.2x
7.Alkaline Trio         12.8x
8.Alexisonfire         12.1x
9.Brand New         10.8x
10.The Mars Volta         6.4x
11.Taking Back Sunday         4.5x
12.Regina Spektor         3.7x
Closure in Moscow are an Australian progressive rock band that formed in Melbourne, Victoria in 2006. The group is composed of guitarist-singer Mansur Zennelli, guitarist Michael Barrett, drummer Salvatore Aidone, bassist Duncan Millar and lead singer Christopher de Cinque. To date they have released one extended-play and one full-length studio album to critical praise: The Penance and the Patience (2008) and First Temple (2009), respectively. The band have reached notable success throughout the international rock circuit for their stellar live performances and avant garde... more