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Clams Casino

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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Grimes         > 20x
2.Frank Ocean         17.8x
3.The Weeknd         15.4x
4.Gang Gang Dance         14.2x
5.Broadcast         14.1x
6.Baths         12.9x
7.Washed Out         12.4x
8.Four Tet         12.2x
9.Boards of Canada         11.9x
10.Death Grips         11.8x
11.Salem         11.2x
12.Tyler, The Creator         10.9x
13.Kendrick Lamar         10.4x
14.Burial         9.1x
15.Neon Indian         9.0x
16.Stereolab         8.3x
17.Amon Tobin         6.4x
18.Lana Del Rey         6.1x
19.James Blake         5.8x
20.Flying Lotus         5.5x
21.Emilíana Torrini         5.3x
22.Beach House         4.8x
23.Odd Future         4.8x
24.M83         4.6x
25.Animal Collective         4.5x
26.Phantogram         4.3x
27.Bonobo         4.3x
28.Toro Y Moi         4.3x
29.múm         4.0x
30.The Knife         3.9x
31.Panda Bear         3.5x
32.Black Moth Super Rainbow         3.4x
33.Slint         3.2x
34.Björk         3.2x
35.Aphex Twin         3.1x
36.Grizzly Bear         2.9x
37.CocoRosie         2.5x
38.Sigur Rós         2.5x
39.Caribou         2.4x
40.Portishead         2.4x
41.My Bloody Valentine         2.2x
42.Explosions in the Sky         2.0x
43.DJ Shadow         1.9x
44.Of Montreal         1.8x
45.Janelle Monáe         1.8x
46.TV on the Radio         1.7x
47.Brian Eno         1.5x
48.Radiohead         1.5x
49.LCD Soundsystem         1.5x
50.The xx         < 1.5x
51.The Smiths         < 1.5x
52.Pink Floyd       < 1.5x
Clams casino is a clam "on the halfshell" dish with breadcrumbs and bacon. It originated in Rhode Island in the United States. It is often served as an appetizer in New England and is served in variations nationally. more