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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Rise Against         7.5x
2.Killswitch Engage         7.1x
3.Bloodhound Gang         6.9x
4.Flyleaf         6.0x
5.Goldfinger         6.0x
6.Stone Sour         5.5x
7.Pennywise         5.3x
8.Darkest Hour         5.2x
9.Dethklok         4.7x
10.Rancid         4.7x
11.Bring Me the Horizon         4.6x
12.Dropkick Murphys         4.3x
13.Chiodos         4.2x
14.All That Remains         4.2x
15.Breaking Benjamin         3.9x
16.Box Car Racer         3.8x
17.Mudvayne         3.7x
18.Avenged Sevenfold         3.6x
19.Bullet for My Valentine         3.6x
20.Otep         3.6x
21.Lacuna Coil         3.4x
22.Rammstein         3.3x
23.Powerman 5000         3.2x
24.Lamb of God         3.2x
25.Serj Tankian         3.1x
26.HIM         3.0x
27.The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus         3.0x
28.Sum 41         2.9x
29.Rage Against the Machine         2.9x
30.Chevelle         2.9x
31.Alien Ant Farm         2.8x
32.Korn         2.7x
33.Kittie         2.7x
34.A Perfect Circle         2.6x
35.The Used         2.6x
36.The Offspring         2.6x
37.Pantera         2.6x
38.Atreyu         2.5x
39.Sublime         2.5x
40.Slipknot         2.4x
41.Trapt         2.4x
42.Blue October         2.4x
43.30 Seconds to Mars         2.4x
44.Nonpoint         2.4x
45.H.I.M.         2.3x
46.Aiden         2.3x
47.Tenacious D         2.3x
48.Fuel         2.2x
49.System of a Down         2.2x
50.Garbage         2.2x
51.Blink-182         2.2x
52.Underoath         2.2x
53.Adema         2.1x
54.Incubus         2.1x
55.Gwar         2.1x
56.Asking Alexandria         2.1x
57.Bad Religion         2.0x
58.Static-X         2.0x
59.Flogging Molly         1.9x
60.Taproot         1.9x
61.Deftones         1.9x
62.Stone Temple Pilots         1.9x
63.Foo Fighters         1.8x
64.Coheed and Cambria         1.8x
65.Sevendust         1.8x
66.AFI         1.8x
67.P.O.D.         1.7x
68.Scars on Broadway         1.7x
69.As I Lay Dying         1.7x
70.Red Hot Chili Peppers         1.7x
71.Staind         1.6x
72.Story of the Year         1.6x
73.Rob Zombie         1.6x
74.Trivium         1.6x
75.Reel Big Fish         1.6x
76.In This Moment         1.6x
77.Panic! at the Disco         1.5x
78.Disturbed         1.5x
79.Tool         1.5x
80.White Zombie         1.5x
81.Three Days Grace         1.5x
82.Queens of the Stone Age         < 1.5x
83.Jimmy Eat World         < 1.5x
84.Queen         < 1.5x
85.The Smashing Pumpkins         < 1.5x
86.Pendulum         < 1.5x
87.Nirvana         < 1.5x
88.Gorillaz         < 1.5x
89.Godsmack         < 1.5x
CKY (sometimes stylized cKy) is an American alternative metal band that formed in West Chester, Pennsylvania in 1998. Traditionally centred around core members Deron Miller (vocals, guitar), Chad I Ginsburg (guitar, vocals) and Jess Margera (drums), the band shares its name with a skateboarding and stunt video series produced by Bam Margera, brother of drummer Jess. CKY is closely linked with the crew of the same name, and their music is often featured on the crew's productions including the Jackass and Viva La Bam television series. The band was...Camp... more