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1.Tim Hecker         > 20x
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3.Broadcast         > 20x
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5.Burial         15.5x
6.Sun Ra         10.8x
7.Boards of Canada         9.5x
8.Air         7.9x
9.Pavement         4.7x
10.Brian Eno         4.3x
11.Can         4.3x
12.Wire         4.2x
13.Cannibal Ox         3.0x
14.J Dilla         2.6x
15.Joy Division         2.5x
16.Rites of Spring         2.3x
17.Björk         2.3x
18.Animal Collective         1.9x
19.My Bloody Valentine         1.8x
20.Aphex Twin         1.8x
Christian Fennesz (born 25 December 1962) is an Austrian guitarist active in electronic music, often credited on albums simply as Fennesz. Fennesz uses guitar and notebook computers to make multilayered compositions that blend melody and conventional musical instruments with harsh, irregular glitch-influenced sounds and washes of white noise. He lives and works in Vienna, Austria. more