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Childish Gambino

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1.Kendrick Lamar         6.1x
2.The Weeknd         5.9x
3.Frank Ocean         5.6x
4.Chiddy Bang         5.2x
5.Macklemore         4.9x
6.Donald Glover         4.4x
7.Hoodie Allen         4.3x
8.Bayside         4.2x
9.Say Anything         3.5x
10.Odd Future         3.4x
11.Lupe Fiasco         3.4x
12.Danny Brown         2.9x
13.Brand New         2.8x
14.Das Racist         2.6x
15.Of Monsters and Men         2.3x
16.Mc chris         2.3x
17.J. Cole         2.2x
18.The Format         2.0x
19.The Black Keys         2.0x
20.B.o.B         1.8x
21.Ludo         1.8x
22.The Lonely Island         1.8x
23.A Tribe Called Quest         1.8x
24.Passion Pit         1.7x
25.Wu-Tang Clan         1.6x
26.La Dispute         1.6x
27.Kid Cudi         1.5x
28.Diplo         1.5x
29.Nujabes       1.5x
30.Gogol Bordello         1.5x
31.The Protomen         1.5x
32.Sleigh Bells         < 1.5x
33.Atmosphere         < 1.5x
34.Kanye West         < 1.5x
35.Noah and the Whale         < 1.5x
36.Cake         < 1.5x
37.Vampire Weekend         < 1.5x
38.N.E.R.D         < 1.5x
39.Mos Def         < 1.5x
40.Tyler, The Creator         < 1.5x
41.Outkast         < 1.5x
Donald McKinley Glover (born September 25, 1983), also known by his stage name Childish Gambino, is an American actor, writer, comedian and hip hop recording artist from Stone Mountain, Georgia. Glover first came to attention for his work with Derrick Comedy and for subsequently becoming a writer for the NBC comedy series 30 Rock. Glover is perhaps best known for his role as college student Troy Barnes, on NBC's Community and for his rising career as a stand-up comedian and rapper. In 2011, Glover signed to Glassnote Records, where he releases music under... more