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1.Emperor         > 20x
2.Darkthrone         > 20x
3.Bathory         > 20x
4.Voivod         > 20x
5.Mayhem         > 20x
6.Carcass         > 20x
7.Obituary         > 20x
8.Venom         > 20x
9.Morbid Angel         > 20x
10.Burzum         > 20x
11.Enslaved         > 20x
12.Suffocation         > 20x
13.Immortal         > 20x
14.Entombed         > 20x
15.Electric Wizard         19.7x
16.Neurosis         17.5x
17.Behemoth         17.2x
18.Gorgoroth         16.2x
19.Dark Funeral         15.7x
20.Mercyful Fate         15.6x
21.Kreator         15.4x
22.Napalm Death         15.1x
23.Beherit         14.1x
24.Dissection         14.1x
25.King Diamond         13.6x
26.Nile         12.6x
27.Deathspell Omega         12.0x
28.Decapitated         10.2x
29.High on Fire         10.1x
30.Deicide         10.0x
31.Cro-Mags         9.9x
32.Overkill         9.4x
33.Samhain         9.4x
34.Sodom         9.3x
35.Candlemass         9.2x
36.Dead Kennedys         8.5x
37.Misfits         8.4x
38.Dying Fetus         8.2x
39.At the Gates         7.7x
40.Meshuggah         6.9x
41.Slayer         6.7x
42.Necrophagist         6.7x
43.Cathedral         6.0x
44.Dio         6.0x
45.Motörhead         5.9x
46.Judas Priest         5.9x
47.Destruction         5.9x
48.Black Flag         5.2x
49.Hank Williams III         5.1x
50.Testament         5.1x
51.Clutch         4.3x
52.Thin Lizzy         4.2x
53.Bad Brains         4.0x
54.Ensiferum         3.9x
55.Kyuss         3.8x
56.Watain         3.7x
57.Sepultura         3.7x
58.GG Allin         3.3x
59.Fear Factory         3.2x
60.Black Sabbath         3.2x
61.Minor Threat         3.2x
62.Deep Purple         3.0x
63.Carpathian Forest     3.0x
64.The Stooges         2.9x
65.Type O Negative         2.8x
66.Wolves in the Throne Room         2.7x
67.Iron Maiden         2.6x
68.Swans         2.5x
69.Machine Head         2.4x
70.Opeth         2.3x
71.Melvins         2.2x
72.Godflesh         2.1x
73.Iggy Pop         2.1x
74.Cannibal Corpse         2.0x
75.Iced Earth         1.9x
76.The Pogues         1.9x
77.Boris         1.8x
78.Amon Amarth         1.8x
79.Exodus         1.7x
80.Down         1.7x
81.Suicidal Tendencies         1.6x
82.Korpiklaani         1.6x
83.Dimmu Borgir         1.5x
84.Ramones         < 1.5x
Celtic Frost /ˈkɛltɪk frɒst/ was a metal band from Zürich, Switzerland. They are known for their heavy influence on the extreme metal genres. The group was first active from 1984 to 1993, and re-formed in 2001. Following Tom Gabriel Fischer's departure in 2008, Celtic Frost disbanded. The band was inspired by heavy metal groups such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Venom, but also by gothic rock acts like Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Christian Death, and by the hardcore punk group Discharge. Their exact genre has been a topic of debate. Their earlier music was... more