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Cattle Decapitation

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1.The Black Dahlia Murder         > 20x
2.Suffocation         > 20x
3.Dying Fetus         > 20x
4.Obituary         > 20x
5.Napalm Death         > 20x
6.At the Gates         > 20x
7.Nile         > 20x
8.Morbid Angel         > 20x
9.Cannibal Corpse         18.9x
10.Entombed         17.6x
11.Bloodbath         14.4x
12.Pig Destroyer         14.4x
13.Bolt Thrower         13.8x
14.Dark Funeral         13.3x
15.Sepultura         8.3x
16.Between the Buried and Me         8.1x
17.Carcass         5.2x
18.Behemoth         5.0x
19.King Diamond         4.8x
20.Slayer         3.2x
21.Testament         3.0x
22.All That Remains         3.0x
23.Arch Enemy         < 1.5x
Cattle Decapitation is an American deathgrind band from San Diego, California, formed in 1996. The band's current line-up includes Travis Ryan (vocals), Josh Elmore (guitar), Dave McGraw (drums), and Derek Engemann (bass guitar). Cattle Decapitation has released six albums, their most recent being Monolith of Inhumanity (2012). more