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Captain Beefheart

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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Television         14.9x
2.Sun Ra         14.4x
3.Son House         13.2x
4.Wipers         12.1x
5.Can         11.4x
6.Howlin' Wolf         10.3x
7.The Feelies         10.1x
8.Os Mutantes         9.9x
9.Neu!         9.8x
10.MC5         9.8x
11.Minutemen         9.7x
12.Big Star         9.3x
13.Ornette Coleman         9.1x
14.Wire         8.9x
15.Frank Zappa         8.7x
16.Gang of Four         8.5x
17.John Cale         8.3x
18.Suicide         8.2x
19.The Modern Lovers         8.1x
20.Brian Eno         8.1x
21.Charles Mingus         7.8x
22.The Birthday Party         7.7x
23.Funkadelic         7.7x
24.The Stooges         7.6x
25.Thelonious Monk         7.5x
26.Patti Smith         7.4x
27.The Residents         7.2x
28.The Fall         7.0x
29.Ween         7.0x
30.Lead Belly         6.9x
31.King Crimson         6.8x
32.Roxy Music         6.8x
33.Hüsker Dü         6.7x
34.Syd Barrett   6.7x
35.13th Floor Elevators         6.7x
36.The Replacements         6.6x
37.T. Rex         6.5x
38.Big Black         6.4x
39.Pere Ubu         6.4x
40.Bryan Ferry         6.3x
41.John Coltrane         6.3x
42.The Gun Club         6.3x
43.Nick Drake         5.9x
44.Grinderman         5.9x
45.Lou Reed         5.9x
46.Dinosaur Jr.         5.8x
47.Nick Cave         5.8x
48.Guided by Voices         5.8x
49.Jay Reatard         5.8x
50.Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds         5.7x
51.Buzzcocks         5.7x
52.Talking Heads         5.6x
53.Hawkwind   5.6x
54.Django Reinhardt         5.6x
55.Robert Johnson         5.5x
56.The Velvet Underground         5.4x
57.Tom Waits         5.4x
58.Iggy Pop         5.4x
59.Hank Williams         5.3x
60.The Kinks         5.3x
61.Fugazi         5.2x
62.Sonny Rollins         5.2x
63.The Brian Jonestown Massacre         5.1x
64.New York Dolls         5.0x
65.The Jam         5.0x
66.Gram Parsons         5.0x
67.Nico         4.9x
68.John Zorn         4.9x
69.Neil Young         4.9x
70.The Jesus Lizard         4.9x
71.Mission of Burma         4.8x
72.Miles Davis         4.8x
73.Beat Happening         4.8x
74.XTC         4.8x
75.The Cramps         4.7x
76.Brian Wilson         4.7x
77.Pavement         4.7x
78.Joy Division         4.6x
79.Charlie Parker         4.6x
80.John Lee Hooker         4.6x
81.Bad Brains         4.6x
82.Eric Dolphy         4.5x
83.Stereolab         4.5x
84.Leonard Cohen         4.4x
85.My Bloody Valentine         4.2x
86.Fela Kuti         4.2x
87.The Zombies         4.2x
88.The Raincoats         4.2x
89.Throbbing Gristle         4.1x
90.Public Image Ltd         4.1x
91.Parliament         4.0x
92.Muddy Waters         3.9x
93.The Byrds         3.9x
94.Nina Simone         3.9x
95.Scott Walker         3.9x
96.Sly and the Family Stone         3.8x
97.Sonic Youth         3.7x
98.The Beat         3.7x
99.Lightnin' Hopkins         3.7x
100.Drive Like Jehu         3.7x
101.The Band         3.7x
102.Ramones         3.6x
103.James Brown         3.6x
104.Shellac         3.6x
105.The Pogues         3.6x
106.Melvins         3.6x
107.Slint         3.5x
108.Yo La Tengo         3.5x
109.Pixies         3.5x
110.Kraftwerk         3.5x
111.The Clash         3.4x
112.Roy Orbison         3.4x
113.Dead Kennedys         3.4x
114.Devo         3.4x
115.The Jesus and Mary Chain         3.3x
116.The Damned         3.2x
117.Louis Armstrong         3.2x
118.Boris         3.2x
119.Robyn Hitchcock         3.1x
120.Count Basie         3.1x
121.Lightning Bolt         3.1x
122.The Dream Syndicate         3.1x
123.The Jimi Hendrix Experience         3.1x
124.Elvis Costello         3.0x
125.Slowdive         3.0x
126.Sebadoh         3.0x
127.New Order         2.9x
128.George Clinton         2.9x
129.Black Flag         2.8x
130.Otis Redding         2.8x
131.The Smiths         2.8x
132.The Dead Milkmen         2.8x
133.Daniel Johnston         2.7x
134.Butthole Surfers         2.7x
135.Meat Puppets         2.7x
136.Woody Guthrie         2.7x
137.Minor Threat         2.6x
138.Cocteau Twins         2.6x
139.The Flaming Lips         2.6x
140.Sam Cooke         2.6x
141.Chuck Berry         2.6x
142.Serge Gainsbourg         2.6x
143.Echo & the Bunnymen         2.6x
144.The Breeders         2.6x
145.Bauhaus         2.6x
146.Weather Report         2.5x
147.Sex Pistols         2.5x
148.Buffalo Springfield         2.5x
149.Parliament-Funkadelic   2.4x
150.Swans         2.4x
151.The Dead Boys         2.4x
152.Joni Mitchell         2.4x
153.Boredoms         2.4x
154.Steely Dan         2.4x
155.David Bowie         2.4x
156.Johnny Cash         2.4x
157.Gary Numan         2.3x
158.Art Blakey         2.3x
159.The Who         2.3x
160.Billie Holiday         2.3x
161.Willie Nelson         2.2x
162.PJ Harvey         2.2x
163.Bill Evans         2.2x
164.Stevie Wonder         2.2x
165.The Beach Boys         2.2x
166.George Harrison         2.2x
167.Jimi Hendrix         2.2x
168.Violent Femmes         2.2x
169.The Stranglers         2.2x
170.Buddy Holly         2.2x
171.Gogol Bordello         2.1x
172.Jethro Tull         2.1x
173.Marvin Gaye         2.1x
174.Blondie         2.1x
175.Primus         2.1x
176.Descendents         2.0x
177.Dizzy Gillespie         2.0x
178.John Lennon         2.0x
179.Kate Bush         2.0x
180.Bob Dylan         2.0x
181.Mazzy Star         1.9x
182.Boards of Canada         1.9x
183.Calexico         1.9x
184.The Rolling Stones         1.9x
185.Silver Jews         1.8x
186.Public Enemy         1.8x
187.Motörhead         1.7x
188.Ray Charles         1.7x
189.Black Sabbath         1.7x
190.Dave Brubeck         1.7x
191.Herbie Hancock         1.7x
192.B.B. King         1.7x
193.Sparks         1.7x
194.Animal Collective         1.6x
195.Ella Fitzgerald         1.6x
196.Little Richard         1.6x
197.Godspeed You! Black Emperor         1.6x
198.Björk         1.6x
199.Donovan         1.5x
200.Grateful Dead         1.5x
201.Peter Murphy         1.5x
202.The Magnetic Fields         1.5x
203.Traveling Wilburys         1.5x
204.Kyuss         1.5x
205.Janis Joplin         < 1.5x
206.Cream         < 1.5x
207.Etta James         < 1.5x
208.Elliott Smith         < 1.5x
209.The Doors       < 1.5x
210.Superchunk         < 1.5x
211.Neutral Milk Hotel         < 1.5x
212.Mr. Bungle         < 1.5x
213.Randy Newman         < 1.5x
214.Harry Nilsson         < 1.5x
215.The B-52's         < 1.5x
216.Morphine         < 1.5x
217.Portishead         < 1.5x
218.The Cure         < 1.5x
219.Electric Light Orchestra         < 1.5x
220.LCD Soundsystem         < 1.5x
221.Les Claypool         < 1.5x
222.Pink Floyd       < 1.5x
223.The Beatles         < 1.5x
224.Built to Spill         < 1.5x
225.Booker T. & the M.G.'s         < 1.5x
226.TV on the Radio         < 1.5x
227.Wilco         < 1.5x
228.Bill Hicks         < 1.5x
229.Andrew Bird         < 1.5x
230.Van Morrison         < 1.5x
231.Alice Cooper         < 1.5x
232.Al Green         < 1.5x
233.Aphex Twin         < 1.5x
234.Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young         < 1.5x
235.Magazine         < 1.5x
236.Blonde Redhead         < 1.5x
237.Deerhoof         < 1.5x
238.Édith Piaf         < 1.5x
239.Misfits         < 1.5x
Don Van Vliet (/væn ˈvliːt/, born Don Glen Vliet; January 15, 1941 – December 17, 2010) was an American musician, singer-songwriter, experimental composer, artist and poet known by the stage name Captain Beefheart. His musical work was conducted with a rotating ensemble of musicians called the Magic Band (1965–1982), with whom he recorded 13 studio albums. Noted for his powerful singing voice with its wide range, Van Vliet also played the harmonica, saxophone and numerous other wind instruments. His music blended rock, blues and psychedelia with avant-garde and... more