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Cannibal Ox

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1.El-P         > 20x
2.Deltron 3030         > 20x
3.Madvillain         > 20x
4.Aesop Rock         > 20x
5.MF Doom         > 20x
6.Dead Prez         10.5x
7.Black Star         10.2x
8.KRS-One         9.5x
9.J Dilla         9.0x
10.Autechre         8.4x
11.Brother Ali         7.3x
12.Burial         6.8x
13.Sage Francis         6.3x
14.Talib Kweli         5.7x
15.Wu-Tang Clan         5.6x
16.Atmosphere         5.3x
17.Aphex Twin         4.9x
18.Rza         4.4x
19.Boards of Canada         4.3x
20.Flying Lotus         4.0x
21.Nas         3.6x
22.Venetian Snares         3.5x
23.Public Enemy         3.5x
24.Madlib         3.3x
25.Immortal Technique         2.6x
26.James Brown         2.3x
27.Marvin Gaye         2.2x
28.A Tribe Called Quest         2.1x
29.The Roots         2.0x
30.Mos Def         1.7x
31.Portishead         1.5x
32.RJD2         1.5x
33.Jurassic 5         1.5x
34.De La Soul         < 1.5x
35.Tupac Shakur         < 1.5x
36.Massive Attack         < 1.5x
Cannibal Ox is an underground hip hop duo from Harlem, New York City. It consists of Vast Aire and Vordul Mega, often accompanied by DJ Cip-One. more