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Camper Van Beethoven

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1.Sebadoh         16.3x
2.Meat Puppets         13.6x
3.The Beat         12.6x
4.Hüsker Dü         12.5x
5.Television         11.9x
6.Stereolab         11.7x
7.Cracker         11.6x
8.XTC         11.4x
9.Mission of Burma         11.2x
10.Wire         10.2x
11.Ween         9.1x
12.The Psychedelic Furs         9.1x
13.Talking Heads         8.8x
14.Hank Williams         8.6x
15.Big Star         8.1x
16.The Jam         7.7x
17.Pavement         7.4x
18.The Replacements         7.1x
19.Gang of Four         6.9x
20.Elvis Costello         6.7x
21.The Clash         6.6x
22.The Cramps         5.8x
23.The Specials         5.6x
24.The Feelies         5.4x
25.Violent Femmes         5.3x
26.Ramones         5.3x
27.Thelonious Monk         5.3x
28.Lucinda Williams         4.9x
29.Minutemen         4.8x
30.Gram Parsons         4.7x
31.The Kinks         4.4x
32.The Byrds         4.2x
33.New Order         3.9x
34.Iggy Pop         3.9x
35.The Fall         3.8x
36.The Breeders         3.6x
37.Brian Eno         3.6x
38.The Smiths         3.4x
39.Minor Threat         3.3x
40.Buzzcocks         3.3x
41.The Rolling Stones         3.2x
42.Fugazi         3.2x
43.Devo         3.2x
44.Butthole Surfers         3.1x
45.The Cars         3.1x
46.Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds         3.0x
47.The Velvet Underground         2.9x
48.Liz Phair         2.9x
49.Sonic Youth         2.9x
50.Guided by Voices         2.8x
51.Public Enemy         2.5x
52.Echo & the Bunnymen         2.4x
53.The Who         2.2x
54.R.E.M.         2.2x
55.Neil Young         2.2x
56.Pixies         2.2x
57.Joy Division         2.1x
58.Captain Beefheart         2.0x
59.They Might Be Giants         2.0x
60.Miles Davis         2.0x
61.Lou Reed         1.9x
62.The Stooges         1.8x
63.Charles Mingus         1.8x
64.John Coltrane         1.7x
65.Patti Smith         1.7x
66.Sex Pistols         1.7x
67.Roxy Music         < 1.5x
68.Beck         < 1.5x
69.David Bowie         < 1.5x
70.Bad Brains         < 1.5x
71.The Beatles         < 1.5x
72.John Lee Hooker         < 1.5x
73.Yo La Tengo         < 1.5x
74.Bob Marley         < 1.5x
Camper Van Beethoven is an American alternative rock group formed in Redlands, California in 1983 and later located in Santa Cruz and San Francisco. Their eclectic and ever-evolving style mixes elements of pop, ska, punk rock, folk, alternative country, and various types of world music. The band initially polarized audiences within the hardcore punk scene of California's Inland Empire before finding wider acceptance and, eventually, an international audience. Their strong iconoclasm and emphasis on do-it-yourself values proved influential to the burgeoning indie rock movement. ... more