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1.X Japan         > 20x
2.Malice Mizer   > 20x
3.Luna Sea         > 20x
4.hide         > 20x
5.D'espairsRay         19.4x
6.L'Arc-en-Ciel         18.6x
7.Dir En Grey         17.4x
8.Miyavi         14.7x
9.The Gazette         11.4x
10.Hyde         11.1x
11.Gackt         10.3x
12.Rammstein         1.8x
Buck-Tick (stylized as BUCK-TICK) is a Japanese rock band, formed in Fujioka, Gunma in 1983. The group has consisted of Atsushi Sakurai (lead vocals), Hisashi Imai (guitar), Hidehiko Hoshino (guitar), Yutaka Higuchi (bass) and Toll Yagami (drums) since 1985. In their three decade career, the band has released 18 studio albums, nearly all reaching the top ten on the charts, of which three in the late eighties and early nineties topped them. In addition to having experimented with many different genres of music, including punk, dark wave, electronic, industrial, gothic and... more