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Bruno Mars

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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.OneRepublic         3.9x
2.The Script         3.7x
3.Gavin DeGraw         3.6x
4.Maroon 5         3.5x
5.Jason Mraz         3.5x
6.John Legend         3.4x
7.Aaliyah         2.8x
8.Michael Bublé         2.8x
9.Adele         2.8x
10.Ne-Yo         2.7x
11.Alicia Keys         2.6x
12.Justin Timberlake         2.6x
13.Lady Antebellum         2.5x
14.Leona Lewis         2.4x
15.Kelly Clarkson         2.4x
16.The Fray         2.4x
17.Colbie Caillat         2.4x
18.Neon Trees         2.3x
19.Usher         2.3x
20.Train         2.3x
21.Rob Thomas         2.3x
22.Pink         2.2x
23.Beyoncé Knowles         2.2x
24.Destiny's Child         2.1x
25.Brian McKnight         2.0x
26.Gym Class Heroes         2.0x
27.Pitbull         2.0x
28.B.o.B         2.0x
29.Rihanna         1.9x
30.Boyz II Men         1.9x
31.Gwen Stefani         1.9x
32.Trey Songz         1.8x
33.Ingrid Michaelson         1.7x
34.Sugarland         1.7x
35.The Black Eyed Peas         1.6x
36.Jason Aldean         1.6x
37.Carrie Underwood         1.6x
38.Josh Groban         1.6x
39.Adam Lambert         1.6x
40.India.Arie         1.6x
41.Lifehouse         1.5x
42.Katy Perry         1.5x
43.David Archuleta         1.5x
44.John Mayer         1.5x
45.Rascal Flatts         1.5x
46.Keri Hilson         1.5x
47.Timbaland         < 1.5x
48.Whitney Houston         < 1.5x
49.Shakira         < 1.5x
50.Ciara         < 1.5x
51.Sade         < 1.5x
52.Michael Jackson         < 1.5x
53.Flo Rida         < 1.5x
54.Christina Aguilera         < 1.5x
55.Pharrell Williams         < 1.5x
56.Sara Bareilles         < 1.5x
57.Faith Hill         < 1.5x
58.David Guetta         < 1.5x
Peter Gene Hernandez (born October 8, 1985), known by his stage name Bruno Mars, is an American singer-songwriter and record producer. Raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, by a family of musicians, Mars began making music at a young age and performed in various musical venues in his hometown throughout his childhood. He graduated from high school and moved to Los Angeles, to pursue a musical career. Mars produced songs for other artists, joining production team The Smeezingtons. Mars had an unsuccessful stint with Motown Records, but then signed with Atlantic in 2009. He became... more