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British Sea Power

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1.Blur         5.8x
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5.The Velvet Underground         3.8x
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10.Morrissey         2.2x
11.Bloc Party         2.1x
12.Mogwai         2.1x
13.Radiohead         1.8x
14.Portishead         1.5x
15.The Decemberists         < 1.5x
16.Belle & Sebastian         < 1.5x
17.Pixies         < 1.5x
British Sea Power are an indie rock band based in Brighton, East Sussex, England, although three of the band members originally come from Natland (near Kendal), Cumbria, England. The wide-ranging nature of their material has led critics to liken their sound to a variety of groups, from The Cure and Joy Division to the Pixies and Arcade Fire. The band are famed for their live performances, the unusual lyrical content of their songs and the adventurous choice of locations for some of their shows. British Sea Power's members are Jan Scott Wilkinson (vocals, guitar), Martin Noble... more