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Brian Setzer

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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Stray Cats         > 20x
2.Big Bad Voodoo Daddy         > 20x
3.Jerry Lee Lewis         17.2x
4.Buddy Holly         9.9x
5.Stevie Ray Vaughan         8.3x
6.Traveling Wilburys         6.6x
7.B.B. King         6.6x
8.Jimmy Buffett         6.3x
9.The Jimi Hendrix Experience         6.2x
10.Chuck Berry         6.0x
11.Billy Joel         5.3x
12.Derek and the Dominos         5.2x
13.Jeff Beck         5.2x
14.Dizzy Gillespie         5.0x
15.Louis Armstrong         5.0x
16.Emilie Autumn         4.9x
17.Bob Marley & The Wailers         4.5x
18.Squirrel Nut Zippers         4.1x
19.Elvis Presley         4.1x
20.John Lee Hooker         4.0x
21.Muddy Waters         4.0x
22.Dire Straits         3.9x
23.The Yardbirds         3.6x
24.The Animals         3.5x
25.Marvin Gaye         3.4x
26.Johnny Cash         3.3x
27.Paul Simon         3.2x
28.Cheap Trick         3.1x
29.Ray Charles         3.1x
30.Blondie         3.1x
31.The Band         2.9x
32.Eric Clapton         2.9x
33.Buddy Guy         2.9x
34.Cream         2.9x
35.George Harrison         2.7x
36.Joan Jett         2.7x
37.Mark Knopfler         2.7x
38.The Clash         2.7x
39.The Rolling Stones         2.7x
40.Misfits         2.6x
41.Simon & Garfunkel         2.6x
42.Boston         2.5x
43.Ramones         2.4x
44.Howlin' Wolf         2.4x
45.Billy Idol         2.4x
46.Charlie Parker         2.4x
47.AC/DC         2.3x
48.Jimi Hendrix         2.2x
49.Aretha Franklin         2.1x
50.The Beach Boys         2.1x
51.John Lennon         2.1x
52.Etta James         2.1x
53.Benny Goodman         2.0x
54.Bob Seger         2.0x
55.The Doors       1.9x
56.George Thorogood         1.9x
57.Eagles         1.9x
58.Kansas         1.9x
59.The Police         1.9x
60.Roxy Music         1.8x
61.Pink Floyd       1.8x
62.Sam Cooke         1.8x
63.Neil Young         1.8x
64.Thelonious Monk         1.8x
65.Queen         1.7x
66.Bob Marley         1.7x
67.The Who         1.7x
68.Roy Orbison         1.6x
69.John Coltrane         1.6x
70.The Beatles         1.6x
71.Paul McCartney         1.6x
72.James Brown         1.5x
73.Lynyrd Skynyrd         < 1.5x
74.The Byrds         < 1.5x
75.Santana         < 1.5x
76.The Allman Brothers Band         < 1.5x
77.Alice Cooper         < 1.5x
78.The Kinks         < 1.5x
79.Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young         < 1.5x
80.Led Zeppelin         < 1.5x
81.Deep Purple         < 1.5x
Brian Robert Setzer (born April 10, 1959) is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter. He first found widespread success in the early 1980s with the 1950s-style rockabilly revival group Stray Cats, and revitalized his career in the late 1990s with his Swing revival band, The Brian Setzer Orchestra. more