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Born of Osiris

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1.Veil of Maya         > 20x
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4.As Blood Runs Black   > 20x
5.Periphery         > 20x
6.August Burns Red         > 20x
7.The Faceless         > 20x
8.After the Burial         18.0x
9.Emmure         17.5x
10.Parkway Drive         12.9x
11.Animals as Leaders         11.0x
12.Meshuggah         10.1x
13.Opeth         7.8x
14.Russian Circles         7.6x
15.Mastodon         6.1x
16.Lamb of God         5.2x
17.Between the Buried and Me         5.1x
18.As I Lay Dying         4.7x
19.Killswitch Engage         4.6x
20.All That Remains         4.5x
21.Children of Bodom         3.9x
22.Deftones         3.4x
23.Behemoth         3.1x
24.The Devil Wears Prada         2.9x
25.Trivium         1.8x
26.Pantera         1.7x
27.In Flames         1.6x
Born of Osiris is an American deathcore band, formed in 2003 in Chicago. The group underwent several name changes, including Diminished (2003–2004), Your Heart Engraved (2004–2006), and Rosecrance (2006–2007), before finally settling on Born of Osiris in 2007, basing the name off the Egyptian deity Osiris, and the tale of his son Horus. more