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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Datsik         > 20x
2.Rusko         > 20x
3.Skream         > 20x
4.Flux Pavilion         > 20x
5.Nero         9.9x
6.Bassnectar         9.7x
7.Benny Benassi         6.5x
8.Deadmau5         4.4x
9.The Bloody Beetroots         3.7x
10.The Prodigy         3.0x
11.Pretty Lights         3.0x
12.Pendulum         2.9x
13.The Glitch Mob         2.7x
14.Boys Noize         2.7x
15.Daft Punk         2.1x
16.Gorillaz         < 1.5x
Asaf Borger (Hebrew: אסף בורגר‎; born October 20, 1987), known professionally as Borgore, is an Israeli Electronic Dance Music producer and disc jockey (DJ). He is the founder of Buygore Records and former drummer of Israeli death metal band Shabira. He is also part of the dubstep duo Alphamale Primates, which consists of him and Tomba. Self-described as "Gorestep", his music incorporates triplet drum patterns with heavy metal influences. Some songs have been compared to horror movies, farm animals, and sex. He has released tracks under Spinnin' Records and Sumerian... more