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Bolt Thrower

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1.Skeletonwitch         > 20x
2.Bloodbath         > 20x
3.Suffocation         > 20x
4.Vader         > 20x
5.Behemoth         > 20x
6.Nile         > 20x
7.Morbid Angel         > 20x
8.Napalm Death         > 20x
9.Carcass         > 20x
10.Dying Fetus         > 20x
11.Kataklysm         > 20x
12.Obituary         > 20x
13.Entombed         > 20x
14.Immortal         > 20x
15.At the Gates         > 20x
16.High on Fire         20.0x
17.The Haunted         18.4x
18.Kreator         18.0x
19.Exodus         17.5x
20.Testament         16.3x
21.Death         16.0x
22.Necrophagist         13.8x
23.Deicide         13.7x
24.Cannibal Corpse         13.0x
25.Electric Wizard         12.3x
26.Cryptopsy         11.4x
27.King Diamond         11.2x
28.Slayer         10.9x
29.3 Inches of Blood         10.8x
30.Eyehategod         10.2x
31.Sepultura         9.4x
32.Venom         9.3x
33.Decapitated         8.5x
34.Pig Destroyer         8.2x
35.Mercyful Fate         7.8x
36.Dark Funeral         7.6x
37.Dio         7.0x
38.Black Sabbath         7.0x
39.Dissection         6.8x
40.Burzum         6.8x
41.Iron Maiden         6.6x
42.Amon Amarth         6.6x
43.Fear Factory         6.3x
44.Pantera         6.0x
45.Meshuggah         5.7x
46.Mastodon         5.7x
47.Enslaved         5.6x
48.Type O Negative         5.6x
49.Dethklok         5.6x
50.Gwar         5.4x
51.Judas Priest         5.4x
52.Bruce Dickinson         4.7x
53.Mayhem         4.5x
54.Opeth         4.4x
55.Neurosis         4.4x
56.Gojira         4.3x
57.Satyricon         4.1x
58.Iced Earth         4.0x
59.Ministry         4.0x
60.Darkthrone         3.7x
61.Anthrax         3.7x
62.Motörhead         3.7x
63.Mötley Crüe         3.6x
64.Emperor         3.5x
65.Danzig         3.3x
66.Dark Tranquillity         3.2x
67.Strapping Young Lad         3.2x
68.Ozzy Osbourne         3.1x
69.Arch Enemy         3.1x
70.Bathory         2.9x
71.Converge         2.6x
72.White Zombie         2.5x
73.Megadeth         2.2x
74.Machine Head         2.0x
75.Manowar         1.9x
76.Dead Kennedys         1.6x
77.Rammstein         < 1.5x
78.Suicidal Tendencies         < 1.5x
Bolt Thrower are a British death metal band from Coventry, England. They formed in 1986 and released their first album with Vinyl Solution in 1988. The band then shifted to a new record label, Earache Records, soon becoming one of the best selling bands on that label. Their current label is Metal Blade Records. The band has had a succession of members and have toured Europe, the United States, and Australia. The band takes its name from a weapon in the popular tabletop strategy game Warhammer Fantasy Battle. The lyrics and artwork of their second, third and seventh... more