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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Behemoth         > 20x
2.The Faceless         > 20x
3.Necrophagist         > 20x
4.Decapitated         > 20x
5.Vader         > 20x
6.Nile         > 20x
7.Skeletonwitch         > 20x
8.Carcass         > 20x
9.Bolt Thrower         > 20x
10.At the Gates         > 20x
11.Cynic         > 20x
12.Suffocation         > 20x
13.Dying Fetus         > 20x
14.Cryptopsy         > 20x
15.Insomnium         > 20x
16.Dark Funeral         > 20x
17.Enslaved         > 20x
18.Gojira         > 20x
19.Katatonia         > 20x
20.Entombed         > 20x
21.Death         19.9x
22.Between the Buried and Me         19.0x
23.Scar Symmetry         18.7x
24.Meshuggah         17.0x
25.Opeth         16.4x
26.Swallow the Sun         16.0x
27.Amon Amarth         14.9x
28.Agalloch         14.9x
29.Devin Townsend         14.1x
30.Dark Tranquillity         13.3x
31.Hypocrisy         13.0x
32.Morbid Angel         12.9x
33.Immortal         12.4x
34.Cannibal Corpse         11.5x
35.Emperor         10.8x
36.High on Fire         10.5x
37.Wintersun         10.3x
38.In Flames         8.9x
39.Dissection         8.5x
40.Nevermore         7.9x
41.Kalmah         7.9x
42.Obituary         7.5x
43.Deicide         7.1x
44.Type O Negative         7.0x
45.Testament         7.0x
46.Baroness         6.9x
47.Mike Patton         6.8x
48.Kreator         6.6x
49.Fear Factory         6.3x
50.Dethklok         5.9x
51.Bruce Dickinson         5.9x
52.Mastodon         5.7x
53.Mayhem         5.6x
54.Neurosis         5.5x
55.Pantera         5.3x
56.Strapping Young Lad         5.2x
57.Down         5.2x
58.Sepultura         5.0x
59.Iron Maiden         4.9x
60.Darkthrone         4.6x
61.Kataklysm         4.4x
62.1349         4.2x
63.Animals as Leaders         4.2x
64.Ensiferum         4.1x
65.Slayer         4.0x
66.Lamb of God         4.0x
67.Watain         3.9x
68.Napalm Death         3.8x
69.The Dillinger Escape Plan         3.6x
70.Dream Theater         3.5x
71.Iced Earth         3.5x
72.Converge         3.2x
73.Soilwork         3.2x
74.Carpathian Forest     3.1x
75.The Haunted         3.1x
76.Dimmu Borgir         2.7x
77.Gwar         2.7x
78.Black Sabbath         2.6x
79.Moonsorrow         2.6x
80.Moonspell         2.4x
81.Arch Enemy         2.3x
82.Amorphis         2.2x
83.Children of Bodom         1.9x
84.Porcupine Tree         1.8x
85.3 Inches of Blood         1.8x
86.Judas Priest         1.7x
87.Eluveitie         1.7x
88.Korpiklaani         1.6x
89.Megadeth         1.6x
90.Clutch         1.5x
91.Dio         1.5x
92.KMFDM         < 1.5x
93.Motörhead         < 1.5x
94.White Zombie         < 1.5x
Bloodbath is a Swedish death metal supergroup from Stockholm, formed in 1998. The band has released three full-length albums, two EPs and two DVDs depicting their performances at Wacken Open Air (in 2005) and Bloodstock Open Air (in 2010). The group comprises a member of progressive metal group Opeth—Martin Axenrot—along with Anders Nyström, Jonas Renkse (also a member of Katatonia) and Per Eriksson, who was previously the guitar technician for both Bloodbath and Katatonia. more