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1.Broadcast         10.3x
2.Air         9.9x
3.múm         8.5x
4.Fever Ray         8.0x
5.Mono         7.1x
6.Serge Gainsbourg         6.5x
7.Thom Yorke         6.4x
8.Slowdive         6.1x
9.The Fiery Furnaces         5.7x
10.Boards of Canada         5.6x
11.Sigur Rós         5.5x
12.Belle & Sebastian         5.3x
13.Le Tigre         5.2x
14.The Walkmen         5.1x
15.Portishead         5.0x
16.My Bloody Valentine         4.9x
17.Melt-Banana         4.8x
18.Ladytron         4.8x
19.Stereolab         4.7x
20.PJ Harvey         4.5x
21.Mogwai         4.5x
22.Dubstar         4.4x
23.Deerhoof         4.4x
24.The Knife         4.4x
25.Sleater-Kinney         4.3x
26.Jeff Buckley         4.3x
27.Yeah Yeah Yeahs         4.0x
28.Röyksopp         4.0x
29.Nico         4.0x
30.Mount Eerie         3.9x
31.Camera Obscura         3.8x
32.New Order         3.8x
33.Cocteau Twins         3.7x
34.CocoRosie         3.7x
35.Pulp         3.7x
36.Slint         3.7x
37.Cat Power         3.7x
38.Björk         3.6x
39.Joy Division         3.5x
40.TV on the Radio         3.5x
41.Deerhunter         3.5x
42.Of Montreal         3.4x
43.Pavement         3.4x
44.M83         3.4x
45.The Magnetic Fields         3.3x
46.The Unicorns         3.3x
47.Massive Attack         3.2x
48.Death from Above 1979         3.2x
49.Goldfrapp         3.2x
50.The Cardigans         3.2x
51.Brian Eno         3.1x
52.Yo La Tengo         3.1x
53.Bat for Lashes         3.1x
54.Atlas Sound         3.1x
55.Interpol         3.0x
56.Grizzly Bear         3.0x
57.Sonic Youth         3.0x
58.Xiu Xiu         3.0x
59.Black Moth Super Rainbow         3.0x
60.Mazzy Star         2.9x
61.Elliott Smith         2.9x
62.Lush         2.9x
63.Hooverphonic         2.9x
64.The Radio Dept.         2.9x
65.Low         2.8x
66.Nick Drake         2.8x
67.Washed Out         2.8x
68.Wolf Parade         2.7x
69.Spoon         2.7x
70.Beach House         2.7x
71.Menomena         2.7x
72.Sufjan Stevens         2.7x
73.Kate Bush         2.7x
74.Caribou         2.6x
75.Patti Smith         2.6x
76.Arcade Fire         2.6x
77.Pixies         2.6x
78.Radiohead         2.5x
79.The Smiths         2.5x
80.Siouxsie Sioux         2.4x
81.Fiona Apple         2.4x
82.The Jesus and Mary Chain         2.4x
83.Fugazi         2.4x
84.Neutral Milk Hotel         2.3x
85.Metric         2.3x
86.Animal Collective         2.3x
87.Siouxsie and the Banshees         2.3x
88.The Zombies         2.3x
89.Deltron 3030         2.3x
90.Neko Case         2.3x
91.Sunset Rubdown         2.2x
92.Four Tet         2.2x
93.Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds         2.2x
94.Jens Lekman         2.2x
95.The Velvet Underground         2.2x
96.Can         2.2x
97.The Flaming Lips         2.2x
98.Crystal Castles         2.1x
99.Wire         2.1x
100.DJ Shadow         2.1x
101.T. Rex         2.1x
102.Gang of Four         2.0x
103.Why?         2.0x
104.Stars         2.0x
105.Panda Bear         2.0x
106.Antony and the Johnsons       2.0x
107.Unkle         2.0x
108.St. Vincent         2.0x
109.Peaches         2.0x
110.Robyn         1.9x
111.Toro Y Moi         1.9x
112.Aphex Twin         1.9x
113.The Cure         1.9x
114.Sparklehorse         1.9x
115.Broken Social Scene         1.9x
116.Nick Cave         1.9x
117.Babes in Toyland         1.9x
118.Phoenix         1.9x
119.Talking Heads         1.8x
120.Battles         1.8x
121.David Bowie         1.8x
122.Squarepusher         1.8x
123.Plaid         1.8x
124.The Sugarcubes         1.8x
125.The Breeders         1.7x
126.Clint Mansell         1.7x
127.Gary Numan         1.7x
128.Cut Copy         1.7x
129.LCD Soundsystem         1.7x
130.Explosions in the Sky         1.7x
131.The National         1.7x
132.Godspeed You! Black Emperor         1.7x
133.Will Oldham       1.7x
134.Lana Del Rey         1.7x
135.Andrew Bird         1.7x
136.Lykke Li         1.6x
137.Tilly and the Wall         1.6x
138.The xx         1.6x
139.Blur         1.6x
140.Patrick Wolf         1.6x
141.Echo & the Bunnymen         1.6x
142.Glass Candy         1.6x
143.The Chemical Brothers         1.6x
144.Depeche Mode         1.6x
145.The Stone Roses         1.6x
146.Feist         1.5x
147.Ariel Pink         1.5x
148.Justice         1.5x
149.Guided by Voices         1.5x
150.Beck         1.5x
151.Miles Davis         1.5x
152.Spiritualized         1.5x
153.Kraftwerk         1.5x
154.The Dresden Dolls         1.5x
155.The Notwist         < 1.5x
156.The Album Leaf         < 1.5x
157.Dirty Projectors         < 1.5x
158.Yeasayer         < 1.5x
159.Built to Spill         < 1.5x
160.Clap Your Hands Say Yeah         < 1.5x
161.Bikini Kill         < 1.5x
162.Eels         < 1.5x
163.Fleet Foxes         < 1.5x
164.Beirut         < 1.5x
165.Sleigh Bells         < 1.5x
166.Santigold         < 1.5x
167.Ulrich Schnauss         < 1.5x
168.The Clash         < 1.5x
169.Morrissey         < 1.5x
170.Iron & Wine         < 1.5x
171.Melvins         < 1.5x
172.Warpaint         < 1.5x
173.Nina Simone         < 1.5x
174.Daft Punk         < 1.5x
Blonde Redhead is an American alternative rock band composed of Kazu Makino (vocals, rhythm guitar) and twin brothers Simone and Amedeo Pace (drums/vocals and lead guitar, respectively) that formed in New York City in 1995. The band's earliest albums were noted for their noise rock influences, though their sound evolved by the early 2000s with the releases of Misery is a Butterfly (2004) and 23 (2007), which both incorporated elements of dream pop, shoegaze and other genres. In 2010, the band released their eighth studio album, Penny Sparkle. more