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Blind Guardian

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1.Demons and Wizards         > 20x
2.Sabaton         > 20x
3.Alestorm         19.1x
4.Avantasia         17.3x
5.Symphony X         16.3x
6.Sonata Arctica         15.9x
7.Bruce Dickinson         15.8x
8.Ayreon         15.5x
9.Firewind         14.5x
10.HammerFall         14.2x
11.Dark Moor         13.7x
12.Iced Earth         12.7x
13.Epica         12.6x
14.Running Wild         12.4x
15.Edguy         11.9x
16.Angra         11.7x
17.Kamelot         11.5x
18.Gamma Ray         11.2x
19.Turisas         10.4x
20.Amorphis         10.0x
21.Korpiklaani         9.3x
22.Battlelore         9.2x
23.Dio         8.7x
24.Rhapsody         8.7x
25.Therion         8.3x
26.Liquid Tension Experiment         8.2x
27.Manowar         8.0x
28.Eluveitie         7.8x
29.Rhapsody of Fire         7.6x
30.Devin Townsend         7.3x
31.Finntroll         7.1x
32.Ensiferum         7.0x
33.Wintersun         7.0x
34.Týr         6.8x
35.Helloween         6.7x
36.Tristania     6.6x
37.Dream Theater         6.4x
38.Evergrey         6.3x
39.Leaves' Eyes         6.3x
40.Van Canto         6.1x
41.Theatre of Tragedy         5.8x
42.Lordi         5.8x
43.Falconer         5.7x
44.Pagan's Mind         5.6x
45.Amon Amarth         5.5x
46.Apocalyptica         5.5x
47.Iron Maiden         5.2x
48.Sirenia         5.1x
49.Moonsorrow         4.9x
50.DragonForce         4.9x
51.Nightwish         4.9x
52.Stratovarius         4.8x
53.Katatonia         4.3x
54.Dethklok         4.2x
55.Within Temptation         4.1x
56.Savatage         4.0x
57.Dark Tranquillity         4.0x
58.The Black Mages     3.8x
59.Judas Priest         3.8x
60.Emilie Autumn         3.5x
61.Emperor         3.5x
62.In Flames         3.4x
63.Opeth         3.3x
64.Testament         3.2x
65.Luca Turilli         3.1x
66.Blackmore's Night         3.0x
67.Dream Evil       2.7x
68.Rammstein         2.6x
69.Alice Cooper         2.6x
70.Lacuna Coil         2.5x
71.Trans-Siberian Orchestra         2.5x
72.Kreator         2.4x
73.Black Sabbath         2.3x
74.Bathory         2.3x
75.Queensrÿche         2.3x
76.Type O Negative         2.3x
77.Megadeth         2.2x
78.Fear Factory         2.2x
79.Ozzy Osbourne         2.2x
80.VNV Nation         2.2x
81.Nevermore         2.2x
82.Dimmu Borgir         2.1x
83.Rush         2.1x
84.Yngwie Malmsteen         2.1x
85.Mastodon         2.0x
86.After Forever         1.9x
87.Steve Vai         1.8x
88.Motörhead         1.8x
89.Pain of Salvation         1.8x
90.Overkill         1.8x
91.Arch Enemy         1.8x
92.Grave Digger         1.8x
93.Pantera         1.8x
94.Slayer         1.7x
95.Exodus         1.7x
96."Weird Al" Yankovic         1.6x
97.The Protomen         1.6x
98.AC/DC         1.6x
99.Blutengel         1.6x
100.Borknagar         1.6x
101.Strapping Young Lad         1.6x
102.Yoko Kanno         1.5x
103.Queen         1.5x
104.Annihilator         1.5x
105.Deep Purple         1.5x
106.Blue Öyster Cult         < 1.5x
107.Pink Floyd       < 1.5x
108.Anthrax         < 1.5x
Blind Guardian is a German power/heavy metal band formed in the mid-1980s in Krefeld, West Germany. They are often credited as one of the seminal and most influential bands in the power metal and speed metal subgenres. Nine musicians have been a part of the band's line-up in its history, which has consisted of singer Hansi Kürsch, guitarists André Olbrich and Marcus Siepen, and drummer Frederik Ehmke since 2005. Blind Guardian is a part of the German heavy metal scene that emerged in the mid-1980s. They formed in 1984 as Lucifer's Heritage by Kürsch (then also bass... more