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Bing Crosby

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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Glenn Miller         > 20x
2.Dean Martin         > 20x
3.Benny Goodman         19.8x
4.Nat King Cole         18.5x
5.Frank Sinatra         16.5x
6.George Gershwin         11.8x
7.Judy Garland         11.7x
8.Cole Porter         11.4x
9.Louis Armstrong         10.9x
10.Three Dog Night         10.4x
11.Ella Fitzgerald         10.2x
12.The Mamas & the Papas         9.9x
13.Jerry Lee Lewis         9.2x
14.Little Richard         8.4x
15.The Andrews Sisters         8.3x
16.Patsy Cline         7.5x
17.Billie Holiday         7.2x
18.Ray Charles         7.0x
19.Buddy Holly         6.7x
20.Bobby Darin         6.0x
21.Antonio Vivaldi         5.7x
22.The Guess Who         5.3x
23.Chuck Berry         5.0x
24.Count Basie         4.8x
25.The Temptations         4.7x
26.Simon & Garfunkel         4.6x
27.John Lennon         4.4x
28.Elvis Presley         4.3x
29.Roy Orbison         4.2x
30.Stray Cats         4.2x
31.Franz Liszt         4.2x
32.B.B. King         4.1x
33.Bee Gees         4.0x
34.George Harrison         4.0x
35.The Byrds         3.6x
36.James Taylor         3.5x
37.Janis Joplin         3.5x
38.Paul Simon         3.5x
39.Hank Williams         3.5x
40.John Coltrane         3.3x
41.Aretha Franklin         3.3x
42.The Monkees         3.3x
43.Paul McCartney         3.3x
44.Creedence Clearwater Revival         3.2x
45.Steppenwolf         3.1x
46.The Supremes         3.1x
47.Otis Redding         3.0x
48.The Beach Boys         3.0x
49.The Who         2.9x
50.Eric Clapton         2.9x
51.Doris Day         2.8x
52.Gustav Mahler         2.8x
53.Billy Joel         2.8x
54.Stevie Wonder         2.8x
55.Django Reinhardt         2.8x
56.Michael Bublé         2.7x
57.The Animals         2.7x
58.Muddy Waters         2.7x
59.Marvin Gaye         2.6x
60.The Jackson 5         2.6x
61.Fleetwood Mac         2.6x
62.Foreigner         2.6x
63.ABBA         2.6x
64.Hall & Oates         2.5x
65.Johnny Cash         2.5x
66.Willie Nelson         2.5x
67.Joan Jett         2.4x
68.The Rolling Stones         2.3x
69.The Beatles         2.3x
70.Ramones         2.3x
71.Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young         2.3x
72.Neil Young         2.3x
73.AC/DC         2.2x
74.Stevie Ray Vaughan         2.2x
75.Jimi Hendrix         2.2x
76.Santana         2.1x
77.Charlie Parker         2.1x
78.Electric Light Orchestra         2.0x
79.Miles Davis         2.0x
80.Elton John         2.0x
81.Eagles         1.9x
82.Jefferson Airplane         1.9x
83.James Brown         1.9x
84.Earth, Wind & Fire         1.9x
85.Whitesnake         1.9x
86.Robert Johnson         1.8x
87.Billy Idol         1.8x
88.Rod Stewart         1.8x
89.Bob Marley         1.8x
90.Sergei Prokofiev         1.8x
91.Heart         1.8x
92.The Doobie Brothers         1.8x
93.Cat Stevens         1.7x
94.Van Morrison         1.7x
95.Tom Petty         1.7x
96.Bob Dylan         1.7x
97.Alice Cooper         1.7x
98.Deep Purple         1.7x
99.Cheap Trick         1.6x
100.Lead Belly         1.6x
101.Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers         1.6x
102.Woody Guthrie         1.6x
103.Bruce Springsteen         1.6x
104.John Mellencamp         1.6x
105.Kiss         1.5x
106.Derek and the Dominos         1.5x
107.The Four Seasons         1.5x
108.Cream         1.5x
109.Queen         1.5x
110.Dizzy Gillespie         1.5x
111.ZZ Top     1.5x
112.John Lee Hooker         1.5x
113.Joni Mitchell         1.5x
114.Buddy Guy         < 1.5x
115.Dire Straits         < 1.5x
116.Niccolò Paganini         < 1.5x
117.Jethro Tull         < 1.5x
118.The Cars         < 1.5x
119.REO Speedwagon         < 1.5x
120.Cake         < 1.5x
121.Mötley Crüe         < 1.5x
122.Leonard Cohen         < 1.5x
123.Bad Company         < 1.5x
124.Sly and the Family Stone         < 1.5x
125.Nina Simone         < 1.5x
126.Soundgarden         < 1.5x
127.Neko Case         < 1.5x
128.Led Zeppelin         < 1.5x
129.The Doors       < 1.5x
Harry Lillis "Bing" Crosby, Jr. (May 3, 1903 – October 14, 1977) was an American singer and actor. Crosby's trademark bass-baritone voice made him one of the best-selling recording artists of the 20th century, with over half a billion records in circulation. A multimedia star, from 1934 to 1954 Bing Crosby was a leader in record sales, radio ratings, and motion picture grosses. His early career coincided with technical recording innovations; this allowed him to develop a laid-back, intimate singing style that influenced many of the popular male singers who followed him,... more