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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.The Apples in Stereo         > 20x
2.Grandaddy         11.7x
3.Of Montreal         10.2x
4.Built to Spill         9.1x
5.Pavement         8.4x
6.The Unicorns         8.2x
7.The Wrens         8.2x
8.The Olivia Tremor Control         7.7x
9.Belle & Sebastian         7.6x
10.Stereolab         6.6x
11.The Sea and Cake         6.0x
12.Andrew Bird         5.8x
13.Silver Jews         5.7x
14.Neutral Milk Hotel         5.2x
15.Camera Obscura         5.0x
16.Yo La Tengo         5.0x
17.Pinback         4.9x
18.Archers of Loaf         4.9x
19.The Dismemberment Plan         4.8x
20.Jens Lekman         4.8x
21.The Fiery Furnaces         4.7x
22.Mogwai         4.5x
23.Pixies         4.4x
24.Spoon         4.4x
25.Fugazi         4.2x
26.The New Pornographers         4.1x
27.Deerhoof         4.0x
28.Sleater-Kinney         4.0x
29.Sufjan Stevens         3.6x
30.Stephen Malkmus         3.2x
31.The Flaming Lips         3.0x
32.Dinosaur Jr.         2.9x
33.Animal Collective         2.7x
34.The Magnetic Fields         2.7x
35.The Walkmen         2.7x
36.Sigur Rós         2.5x
37.Wilco         2.5x
38.The Pains of Being Pure at Heart         2.3x
39.Interpol         2.1x
40.The Decemberists         2.1x
41.The Velvet Underground         2.1x
42.Panda Bear         2.0x
43.Explosions in the Sky         2.0x
44.Architecture in Helsinki         1.9x
45.My Morning Jacket         1.9x
46.My Bloody Valentine         1.9x
47.Neko Case         1.9x
48.Elliott Smith         1.8x
49.The National         1.8x
50.Modest Mouse         1.8x
51.The Mountain Goats         1.7x
52.The Postal Service         1.7x
53.Godspeed You! Black Emperor         1.5x
54.The Beta Band         1.5x
55.M83         < 1.5x
56.The Kinks         < 1.5x
57.Tom Waits         < 1.5x
58.Devo         < 1.5x
59.Ariel Pink         < 1.5x
60.LCD Soundsystem         < 1.5x
61.The Strokes         < 1.5x
Beulah (real name Beulah Garside) is a British female singer-songwriter. She grew up in the Peak District and attended Repton School. This country setting and her family gave her the inspiration for her debut album Mabel and I. The album is a mixture of folksy ballads, jazz and country. more