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Bessie Smith

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1.Billie Holiday         15.2x
2.Édith Piaf         12.8x
3.Cab Calloway         12.1x
4.Son House         11.9x
5.Louis Armstrong         10.4x
6.Nina Simone         9.8x
7.Sarah Vaughan         9.7x
8.Ella Fitzgerald         9.0x
9.Count Basie         8.4x
10.Howlin' Wolf         8.2x
11.Antônio Carlos Jobim         8.1x
12.Cole Porter         7.8x
13.Nat King Cole         6.7x
14.Benny Goodman         6.5x
15.Skip James         6.0x
16.Parliament         5.9x
17.Etta James         5.9x
18.Robert Johnson         5.9x
19.Woody Guthrie         5.4x
20.Charlie Parker         5.3x
21.Aretha Franklin         5.1x
22.John Coltrane         5.0x
23.John Lee Hooker         4.6x
24.Funkadelic         4.6x
25.George Gershwin         4.4x
26.Sun Ra         4.2x
27.Patsy Cline         4.1x
28.Charles Mingus         3.9x
29.Riot grrrl   3.9x
30.Glenn Miller         3.8x
31.Franz Liszt         3.8x
32.Django Reinhardt         3.6x
33.Miles Davis         3.5x
34.Dolly Parton         3.5x
35.Muddy Waters         3.5x
36.Dizzy Gillespie         3.5x
37.Herbie Hancock         3.4x
38.Buddy Holly         3.3x
39.Johnny Cash         3.3x
40.Otis Redding         3.3x
41.Sly and the Family Stone         3.0x
42.Joni Mitchell         2.8x
43.Chuck Berry         2.8x
44.Patti Smith         2.6x
45.Curtis Mayfield         2.4x
46.Hank Williams         2.4x
47.Leonard Cohen         2.3x
48.Al Green         2.3x
49.Astrud Gilberto         2.3x
50.Janis Joplin         2.2x
51.Ray Charles         2.2x
52.Lead Belly         2.2x
53.Simon & Garfunkel         2.2x
54.Dave Brubeck         2.1x
55.Sam Cooke         2.1x
56.Thelonious Monk         2.0x
57.Lightnin' Hopkins         2.0x
58.James Brown         2.0x
59.Parliament-Funkadelic   2.0x
60.Joy Division         2.0x
61.Willie Nelson         1.9x
62.B.B. King         1.9x
63.Art Blakey         1.9x
64.Marvin Gaye         1.9x
65.Le Tigre         1.8x
66.Joan Jett         1.8x
67.Björk         1.8x
68.The Temptations         1.8x
69.Ornette Coleman         1.8x
70.Gossip         1.7x
71.Stevie Wonder         1.5x
72.Jimi Hendrix         1.5x
73.The Clash         1.5x
74.Broadcast         1.5x
75.Brian Eno         < 1.5x
76.The Smiths         < 1.5x
77.Depeche Mode         < 1.5x
78.Tom Waits         < 1.5x
Bessie Smith (April 15, 1894 – September 26, 1937) was an American blues singer. Nicknamed The Empress of the Blues, Smith was the most popular female blues singer of the 1920s and 1930s. She is often regarded as one of the greatest singers of her era and, along with Louis Armstrong, a major influence on other jazz vocalists. more